Packing the Wet Painting

SD3814 Hands Across Taos packing 1

When I started this pair of collaborations I showed how the canvases were prepared for shipping the wet paintings. If you’d like to review that blog CLICK HERE. Now the time is here, let’s get packing. The painting attached to the cardboard is placed on top of another piece of cardboard that is the same size. This is to cover the nails. When the piece is unpacked by our collector this extra cardboard will be removed to gain access to the nails anchoring the painting to the original double ply cardboard.

SD3814 Hands Across Taos packing 2

Sides are built around the painting. They rest on the cardboard backing. We use pink insulation board cut in strips about 3 inches wide. This will keep the top of the box away from the surface of the wet painting. DO NOT use the white styrofoam insulation, it forms little pills that come off and stick to the wet paint!

SD3814 Hands Across Taos packing 3

The corners are anchored to the backing with 2″ painter’s tape. Then the double-ply cardboard top is placed on the walls.

SD3814 Hands Across Taos packing 4

Now the top is anchored over the sides and to the back with more blue tape.

SD3814 Hands Across Taos packing 5

The final step is to cover all of the edges with brown plastic shipping tape. To make it easier for our collector to unbox I’ve made a dotted line all the way around the top of the box. He can cut along this line to take the cover off of the package. Travis will need to leave the paintings attached to the backing and let them dry a few weeks before he places them in frames. So, this is how we ship pieces that are painted to the edge while they are still wet. Please feel free to ask questions. HUGS,

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3 Responses to “Packing the Wet Painting”

  1. Aarti Sharma Says:

    Its a tip on time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rizwana A.Mundewadi Says:

    This is so important, last year I had to give out the commissioned works framed and just did.t know how they will be safe, the pictures sure help a lot, Thank you Mikki for sharing!
    Take Care and God Bless!

  3. Bonny Wagoner Says:

    Fascinating. THANK YOU.

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