And You Think You’re Having a Tough Time……

2014-6-8 Sissie at Kitchen Window

Jack surprised me with a red bird feeder the other day for our new house. It’s squirrel and dove proof so we can feed the smaller birds, cardinals and blue jays without interference. We decided to hang it from the rose arbor outside our kitchen window. Our two rescue kitties love to watch as the birds go back and forth. Sissie had a front row seat this morning.

2014-6-8 Squirrel #1

Suddenly a squirrel appeared, “YUMMMMMM, Breakfast Time!”

2014-6-8 Squirrel #2

He scampered down the hanging wire and as soon as he hit the slanted roof, off he went. Scrambling wildly, he grabbed the perch for the birds to keep from falling to the ground. That of course closed the opening, preventing him from reaching the sunflower seed. I swear I could hear Sissie laughing!

2014-6-8 Squirrel #3

“How in the world do I get back up?”

2014-6-8 Squirrel #4

“Man, this is a lot tougher than I thought.”


2014-6-8 Squirrel #5

“I don’t think this is going to work.”

2014-6-8 Squirrel #6


And with that our hungry squirrel fell to the ground. I’m sure he’ll be back to try again. They are so fun to watch, I know Sissie was totally entertained. Oh, our rose arbor is made from a 16 foot length of steel hog panel that is 34 inches wide. We arched it over and wired it to steel fence posts. Peggy Martin Roses are planted at the base, the arbor will be totally covered by next year masking the neighbor’s electric meter and breaker box. Have a great day. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

6 Responses to “And You Think You’re Having a Tough Time……”

  1. Schulze Felice Says:

    Very funny, and a lot of joy! Thanks, Felice.

  2. Bruce Michael Pope Says:

    Nice! I haven’t put up a bird feeder because of the the damn squirrels. Should have known there was a solution

  3. Rizwana A.Mundewadi Says:

    This is so cuteee Mikki, A Very good Morning! and exciting to watch these little fellows, wonderful capture, thanks for sharing these happy moments with us, I too love to watch exotic birds, over our terrace garden, Nature is beautiful, Take Care and God Bless you Mikki and Jack from Rizwana!


    They will find a way to get to it sooner or later!!! Persistent little darlins’

    Rob Pitzer Pitzers Fine Arts P O Box 2850 Wimberley, Texas 78676 G: 512-722-6032 C: 512-983-1085 Sola Gracia *(By Grace Alone)*

  5. Ada Says:

    Love your rose arbor! Great idea. That squirrel is funny too.

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