Distant Landscape and Wisteria

SG6314 Step 7

The background is painted first, beginning with the sky which is the source of light. The mountain farthest away is made bluer so it will recede. There is a simple rule to help give the impression of depth in a piece of art: Cool Colors go Back, Warm Colors come Forward.

SG6314 Step 8

After the sky, mountains and sage are complete I block in the dark of the door jamb around the gate. This acts as a frame to accentuate the sunlit landscape in the distance. I keep the colors in the background muted following another simple rule: Muted Colors Recede, Intense Bright Colors come Forward.

SG6314 Step 9

The Wisteria is blocked in with several combinations of Dioxazine Purple, Ultramarine Blue and White. Then I come back with mixes of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Yellow Medium to paint the foliage around the blossom color.

SG6314 Step 10

Most of the wisteria is blocked in, you can enlarge the picture to see it better. Just click on the image. I have to stop a little early today. Hope you’ll come back tomorrow and follow along. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

2 Responses to “Distant Landscape and Wisteria”

  1. Lesley Mills Says:

    Mikki–I am relatively new to your blog as well as painting, but love your process and how you guide us through it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent

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