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Market Day in Provence

July 7, 2014

SF5614-SF5714 Step 1

It’s so much fun designing two paintings that can hang individually or as a pair. The two pieces for my eBay auction are sketched up at the same time as if they are one painting.

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SF5614-SF5714 Step 2

I work from the background to the foreground. The most distant elements: the sky, bluffs and azure Mediterranean water are painted first. Then the ancient rock building is constructed. If you would like to see this or any of the other pictures larger just click on the image.

SF5614-SF5714 Step 3

Chili Peppers and Red Orange Trumpet Vine cascade down over the rough stone. Wouldn’t it be cool is those old walls could talk? What wonderful stories they would share!

SF5614-SF5714 Step 4

The arched window is painted with mixes of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + White. Then a large wicker basket is added, just waiting to be filled with fresh citrus.

SF5614-SF5714 Step 5

The pink Rose of Sharon tumbles over on both pieces, acting as a bridge to tie the two together. Next the Oranges, Onions, Carrots and bundles of Lavender are delineated.

SF5614-SF5714 FinalMarket Day in Provence

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SF5614 High Above the Cote d' Azur 10x10High Above the Cote d’Azur     Original Oil Painting

Eze, France is an intriguing, hilltop village on the coast of Provence. The views are incredible, you feel as if you’re balancing on top of the world. Enjoy the serenity of this pleasant courtyard filled with the music of a bubbling fountain, High Above the Cote d’Azur. Let this original Senkarik Embryo offer a swash of relaxation every time you view it on your wall!

SF5714 Fresh from the Farm 10x10Fresh From the Farm    Original Oil Painting

Don’t you love open air markets? This one is a favorite of ours, bringing memories of the beautiful region of Provence. I can remember as vividly as if it was yesterday savoring a sweet plug from an orange Fresh From the Farm. The scent of Lavender filled the air, tickling our senses with it’s heady fragrance. Bring a touch of the south of France to your home or office with this little gem.

SF5614 High Above the Cote d' Azur with tape

Each piece measures 6 inches x 6 inches. And don’t worry about framing them, these little gems painted on panels with 1 1/2 inch finished sides are ready to hang as soon as you unpack them. The auctions are staggered 7 minutes apart so you can win one or both Original Oil Paintings for your home or office. AND…..If you win the TWO EMBRYOS we will give you FREE SHIPPING!

BUT HURRY, the first auction ends Tuesday, July 8 at 8 PM Texas (Central) Time.

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Happy 4th of July

July 4, 2014

2014-7-4 Front entry 1


Our flag is so beautiful, it makes my heart sing. It’s a great privilege to live in the United States of America.  God Bless all of the Military personnel who are protecting America and our Freedom. Thanks to them, their families and the sacrifices they’ve made, we can celebrate the 4th of July.  So while you are having a good time, cooking out and watching fireworks please take a moment to say a prayer for our country and our servicemen. They have given so much so we can live in the United States of America. Have fun today and enjoy your Freedom. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

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