Don’t You Love Flower Shops?


SH6614 Take Home a Bunch step 1

I most certainly do. As Jack can attest, I’ve never passed one up. Since the theme of my Collector Event this year is A Few of My Favorite Things a flower shop seems quite appropriate. It definitely fits the bill. I excitedly sketch my idea, not even bothering to take time to ink it in.

SH6614 Take Home a Bunch step 2

The perspective lines of the building are established first. Then I begin construction on the window, awning and door.

SH6614 Take Home a Bunch step 3

The bicycle tires are a challenge. I can see the back one is not quite round, I’ll make that correction later.

SH6614 Take Home a Bunch step 4

Sketched up and ready to begin painting. We’ll start in our next session. AND….. so many of you have asked. Jack is doing much better. The doctor put him on blood thinners. Our biggest hurdle now is getting his clotting factors regulated. I want to thank each and every one of you for your good thoughts and prayers. We are so thankful to have you on our team. Hugs,

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