2014 Senkarik Collector Event Catalog

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles with warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things…….

Don’t you love the The Sound of Music? It’s one of Jack’s and my favorite movies. Julie Andrews’ voice gives us goosebumps and brings smiles to our soul. Our Annual Collector Event in Santa Fe is Friday and Saturday, August 29 and 30. This year I’ve decided to share a few of My Favorite Things with you. Here is an Advance Preview of the new show pieces. If any of these Original Oil Paintings grab your heart and beckon to be added to your collection just call Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery at 505.988.5545. They will cheerfully provide assistance. If a painting you’ve fallen in love with has already been spoken for I will be happy to do a commission based on that piece for you.

Bright Colored Blossoms and Sassy Striped Awnings…..

Take Home a Bunch   
30 inches by 36 inches with Senkarik Signature Frame      $2,900

 Bluebonnets, Babies and Soft Texas Mornings ….. 

Morning Magic
24 inches by 30 inches with Senkarik Signature Frame      $1,900

 To watch Morning Magic being painted CLICK HERE

 Santa Fe Doorways Filled with Intrigue …..

Carefree Garden  SOLD                         Sun Filled Courtyard

Elegant Vibrance                           The Shuster House 

These pieces are painted to the edge and around the sides on gallery wrap canvas. Each measures 14″ x 14″ and is priced especially for our Collector Event at $590. Remember, I can paint a commission for you if one of the SOLD pieces has stolen your heart! Just contact the Gallery at 505.988.5545.

Soft Clucks of Chickens on Warm Summer Evenings …..

A Lazy Day in Santa Fe 
38 inches by 48 inches with Senkarik Signature Frame   $5,900

 Detail of A Lazy Day in Santa Fe
Flower Lined Pathways and Open Red Gates …..

Walk on the Garden Path
30 inches x 36 inches with Senkarik Signature Frame   $2,900
Gondola Excursions in Venice at Sunset …..

Reflections of Romance
24 inches x 30 inches with Senkarik Signature Frame   $2,400
These are a Few of My Favorite Things …..


      Fresh Harvest $390                                            Coastal Captivation  SOLD

              Turn to the Sun  SOLD            

My EMBRYOS measure 10″ x 10″ and are specially priced for our Collector Event. The sides are finished as shown, the pieces don’t need any extra framing. I’ll paint you a commission if the one you like has already sold. Just let the gallery know you would like to collaborate with me on a special Embryo!

Our Special 24th Anniversary AUCTIONS

Preacherman’s Son: Gunfighter John Wesley Hardin

We are going to have TWO AUCTIONS at our Gala Collector Event Saturday, August 30. The first is for a set consisting of Jack White’s newest book Preacherman’s Son: Gunfighter John Wesley Hardin and the cover portrait painted by Mikki. The two items have a total retail value of $1,000. The Senkarik Original Oil Portrait of John Wesley Hardin measures 14 inches by 11 inches and is framed in a quality gold leaf frame. This was done especially for the cover . A first edition copy signed by both Mikki and Jack comes with the painting. Molly, our rescue kitty, IS NOT included in the auction!

Soft Hum of Spring
Senkarik Original Oil Painted Jewelry Box    5 inches by 7 inches
The second auction is for the Senkarik Original Oil Hummingbird Jewelry Box. This would be priced at $500 in the gallery. To add to the festivities we are starting the bidding on both auctions at 24 Cents! That’s right, a penny for every year I’ve been showing in Santa Fe. PHONE BIDS will be accepted so you can join in the Celebration! The auction will begin about 6 PM. You must register to bid, so please contact the gallery for more details. 505.988.5545 


Thank you for taking the time to view the catalog of my new paintings for our annual Collector Event. We hope you will come to Santa Fe and take part in the festivities. The Event is Friday, August 29 and Saturday, August 30. A special Preview Reception will be Friday evening. The Official RSVP Collector Gala begins at 4 PM on Saturday.

You may not know, Jack had a slight stroke a couple of weeks ago. He is doing well and we had hoped to make it to the Collector Event. However we’re having a difficult time getting his new medications regulated so Jack is “Grounded”. BUT…. Thanks to computer technology we will be able to take part via SKYPE! Jack and I can still personally say we are “Much Obliged” for you being a member of Team Senkarik.

The Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery is located at 217 Galisteo Street. If you would like to RSVP, add any of these pieces to your collection or want to participate by phone in the auctions please call 505.988.5545.


Mikki and Jack signature


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  1. rizwana Says:

    Mikki All the Best Have a Great Show, sad to hear he is still grounded but yes on a positive note skype sure is welcomed My prayers for him, do take care of yourself, God Bless!

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