Silky Fur

SI8014 Albert step 11

Before starting on Albert’s body, I want to paint his eyes. The color is mixed from various proportions of Ultramarine Blue + a touch of Ivory Black + a tiny bit of Pthalo Blue + White. The iris of the eye is a flat plane sheltered by the clear cornea that forms a dome over it. Therefore the kitty’s eyelid resting on the cornea casts a shadow across the iris.

SI8014 Albert step 12

The lighter portion of the iris is then blocked in with a middle value of the blue mixed in the previous step. The light is coming from the upper left so the catch light is placed about 11 o’clock at the edge of the pupil. You never want to put the catch light inside the pupil, it makes your portrait subject appear drugged. The sunlight is transmitted through the clear corner and lightens the iris on the side opposite the catch light. My lightest mixture of the blue is used for this. Please remember, you can click on any of the images to make them larger.

SI8014 Albert step 13

Now let’s turn to Albert’s silky fur. My colors are mixed and laid out on the palette. I use a couple of special colors here that aren’t normally on my palette, Ivory Black and Burnt Umber. The two are combined and White is added to make the mixtures for his coat. A blob of Ultramarine Blue + a touch of Burnt Umber + White is also mixed to add coolness in the shadow. If you would like to know more about our Double Primary Color Mixing System CLICK HERE.

SI8014 Albert step 14

Albert’s coat is now blocked in with a large Bright brush. CLICK HERE to find out about the type of brushes I like to use.

SI8014 Albert step 15

The fine fur on his chest is highlighted with a fine liner brush. I don’t put much detail on his side, I keep it subtle so it doesn’t draw attention. I want the majority of detail to be in Albert’s face.

SI8014 Albert step 16

We finish today by painting the fur around Albert’s face. I want to get it in while the background is still wet. That way it’s easy to keep the edges soft. I appreciate all of you following along. We’ll complete the portrait in our next session. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

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