This picture of Albert is more true to his color. Since the photo was taken in natural daylight the highlights in his dark face tend to be blueish.

SI8014 Albert step 17

The basic values of his face are established first. Large areas are covered with a big Bright brush, then I come back and add the details of the fur with a smaller one.

SI8014 Albert step 18

Mixtures of Ivory Black + Burnt Umber + White are used for the dark expresso color of his face. The highlights made of Ultramarine Blue + Burnt Umber + Ivory Black + White help to shape Albert’s muzzle and zygomatic arches.

SI8014 Albert 14x14Albert      14 inches by 14 inches     Original Oil Painting

His long whiskers are delineated with a fine liner brush. In the actual painting the highlights aren’t as blue as they appear here. Digital photography tends to enhance the blues in artwork, making them look lighter, brighter and more intense than in reality. I love painting animals, if you would like me to paint a portrait of one of your “Fur Babies” please feel free to contact us at

Thank you for following along. We’ll be back to flowers in our next session. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

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