SI8514 Step 1

The Napa Valley does! Let’s get to work painting this beautiful part of our great United States. My initial plan is drawn up on the canvas and we’re ready to begin. Please remember as you go through my blog, you may enlarge the pictures by clicking on the image.

SI8514 Step 2

We’ll make this a bright, warm spring day. The basic blue is painted first with a combination of Cobalt Blue + White. The lowest part of the blue sky is made with a mix of Pthalo Blue + White. Then the billowy clouds are added. They are made of various mixes of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + White and MUD + a bit of Alizarin Crimson + a touch of Cadmium Orange + more White.

SI8514 Step 4

The most distant hills are painted bluer, or cooler, so they will recede. “Painting Forward” the hills become increasing warmer with more greens and tans added. This follows a simple rule that helps to give the impression of depth in a painting: Cool Colors Go Back, Warm Colors Come Forward. The same concept is applied to the vineyard. Notice how the farthest part of the rows are made bluer. Toward the front of the vineyard they are painted with brighter spring greens which are warmer, making them appear closer.

SI8514 Step 5

Now for the lupines nestled under the vines. Their basic color is blocked in first.

SI8514 Step 6

Next the little white caps are added. Presto…….Lupines! That’s all for today, hope you’ll come back tomorrow. If you would like to receive an email every time I publish a new post please feel free to subscribe to my blog. CLICK THIS LINK and scroll to the upper right side of the page. You will see a heading EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS. Just enter your email address and click the button “Sign me up!”  It’s easy. And if you enjoy my blog please CLICK the FaceBook LIKE Button. As we say in Texas, “Much Obliged!

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4 Responses to “GOT WINE?”

  1. Teena Says:

    Mikki, this is just stunning. I am here in Boerne visiting my Mom and we spent the entire day in the Texas Wine Country. Glorious! Thank you for painting this.

  2. Lesley Mills Says:

    Mikki, I love your work! You inspire the painter in me and you also inspire my need to visit Texas!

  3. Bruce Michael Pope Says:

    Texas is also home to Spain’s tempranillo. One of my personal favs

  4. Ray Says:

    Mikita I live in North Wales England and you bring me so much joy seeing your work Thank You .

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