Let’s Go to Arizona!

SI8214 Desert Retreat step 1

Starting on a new commission today. It’s to be painted on an 18 inch by 24 inch standard canvas that will be placed in a traditional frame. SO…..we have to do a little extra preparation in order to be able to pack and ship the wet painting. The canvas is laid on a sheet of double ply cardboard that measures 24 inches by 30 inches. Screw eyes are inserted at three different spots into the stretcher bars on the back of the canvas. The painting is labeled with the title, our code of authenticity and a special personalization to the collector. The labeling is done on the white block that was painted with KILZ so the sharpie doesn’t bleed through to the front. You can see this better if you enlarge the image, just click on the picture.

SI8214 Desert Retreat step 2

After the screw eyes are inserted the canvas is centered and pushed down on the cardboard. The screw eyes make indentations in the cardboard. The impressions are enlarged with an icepick.

SI8214 Desert Retreat step 3

Placing the canvas back on the cardboard the screw eyes are pushed through the holes. Then a nail is inserted to keep the canvas secure.

SI8214 Desert Retreat step 4

The canvas with the cardboard backing is put on the easel. You can see my palette, the regular colors in our Double Primary mixing system are along the top.  The paint lined up on the side is left over from the previous painting.  If you would like to learn more about our color mixing system CLICK HERE.

 Sketch Erika and Lance

After discussing several ideas with our collector a sketch is made. It allows them to see the basic plan of the painting and will serve as my “road map” as I work. Hope you’ll visit our studio again tomorrow, I’ll begin sketching on the canvas. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


2 Responses to “Let’s Go to Arizona!”

  1. Stevie Denny Says:

    Red Mountain — that’s where I live!

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