A Casita in the Desert

SI8214 Desert Retreat step 13

We begin today’s session by blocking in the casita. It’s fun to paint southwestern architecture with the rounded adobe and vigas protruding from the walls. As you go through the post please remember, you can click on any of the pictures to make them larger.

SI8214 Desert Retreat step 14

The rista has been washed in with Alizarin Crimson. Now that it’s dry I work around the individual peppers, shaping them with the thick paint. The red of the chilis reflects into the cast shadow so a bit of Alizarin Crimson is added into the darker wall color. This ristra is going to be a little different, it will have yellow and green peppers added later.

SI8214 Desert Retreat step 15

The mass of Wisteria blossoms is blocked in with various mixes of Dioxazine Purple + Ultramarine Blue + White and Dioxazine Purple + White.

SI8214 Desert Retreat step 16

I come back with different shades of green made of Viridian Green + Cadmium Yellow Medium and paint around the purples, shaping the Wisteria blooms. I usually follow this sequence: Flowers First, Leaves Last. If I painted the foliage first it would be easy to pick up some of the greens on my brush as the blossoms are added and muddy their color.

SI8214 Desert Retreat step 19

The Bougainvillea is painted in the same sequence. At the very last I pop in those bracts illuminated by the sun. The thick paint is carefully “Laid” on top of the underlying color. That way the blossoms retain their bright hue.

SI8214 Desert Retreat step 20

Erika had a special request: a Rooster and hen in the courtyard. No Problem! They are drawn in with a thin wash of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin. Thank you for visiting our studio today! If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

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