Geraniums, Chilis and Canna Lilies

SJ8914 Step 34

What do Geraniums, Chili Ristras and Canna Lilies have in common? We’re going to paint them all today! Let’s begin with the Geraniums. You can see the sequence here. The blossoms are blocked in first, #1. Mixtures of Cadmium Red Deep + Magenta and Cadmium Red Deep are used. Then the leaves are painted around the red blooms defining their basic shapes, #2. Various combinations of Pthalo Blue + Lemon Yellow make the foliage.

SJ8914 Step 35

Flower buds are added with a small filbert brush. Want to find out more about the brushes I like to use? CLICK HERE.

SJ8914 Step 36

The final touch on the Geraniums is to define the individual petals. Pure Cadmium Red Light is used for those illuminated by the sunshine.

SJ8914 Step 37

The Chili Ristras were originally washed in with Alizarin Crimson + Magenta + Liquin. Now they are dry I come back with thick mixes of Cadmium Red Deep + White. I like to add lots of texture, giving shape to the individual peppers.

SJ8914 Step 38

The large green leaves of the Canna Lilies behind the fountain give a dark mass that will accentuate the splashing water. Like the Daylilies I paint the foliage first.

SJ8914 Step 39

The leaves were blocked in before the flowers because the blossoms float above the plant. Mixes of Alizarin Crimson + White make up the fragile Canna Lilies.

SJ8914 Step 40

Using some of the paint leftover from the Geraniums blossoms I let a few petals float in the gentle breeze to the courtyard floor. To see them better you can enlarge the picture by clicking on the image. AND….that’s it for today. It’s been great having you here in the studio. Hope you’ll come back and continue to follow our progress! Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

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