Corner Garden

Before we get started I just want to thank everyone for your kind, heartfelt comments about Jack’s recovery. I appreciate all of you and your compliments on my blog. As we say here in Texas, MUCH OBLIGED!

SK9114 Step 31

The rough tiles of the terra-cotta roof are a perfect surface for the wayward tendrils of ivy to drape over. It’s fun highlighting the delicate, heart shaped leaves caught in the sunlight. Please remember, you can enlarge any of the pictures by clicking on the image.

SK9114 Step 32

Now, let’s begin planting the garden in the corner of the courtyard. Giant White Birds of Paradise provide a dark mass that will accentuate the bubbling water in the fountain. The broad leaves are blocked in with a large, Bright brush. If you want to know more about the paint brushes I like to use CLICK HERE.

SK9114 Step 33

Hollyhocks nestle by the “Big Birds”. The dark pink blossoms are mixes in different proportions of Alizarin Crimson + White. After the leaves and flowers are blocked in I go back and paint “air holes” in the areas that will be between the stalks. This is where saving paint from previous sessions comes in handy. I don’t have to remix the wall color and try to match it.

SK9114 Step 34

Tall stalks covered with seed pods are added, then I put in the bright yellow centers of the papery blossoms. I brace against the mahl stick to steady my hand. I know this sounds unreal, but I have more control of the brush by holding it at the end of the long handle. Holding it close to the ferrule actually makes it more jiggly!

SK9114 Step 35

Now the red door has dried a little bit the glass in the lantern is highlighted. The paint filled brush is dragged straight down, over the uneven paint, giving the glass a hand blown texture. Have to cut our session a little short today, the Grocery Store is calling. I feel like Old Mother Hubbard, our cupboards are bare! Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

2 Responses to “Corner Garden”

  1. Catherine Scalzo Says:

    Hi Mikki, I love watching your paintings step by step. I’m wondering what kind of canvas you use? It seems so smooth. Do you apply coats of gesso? thank you, Cathy.

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Hi Cathy,
      I use standard cotton canvas that has been double primed by the manufacturer. Then I add a thin coat of white acrylic, this makes the surface slightly slick. When I’m sketching my basic plan with an oil wash it makes it easy to erase any errant lines with a brush dipped in odorless paint thinner. Hope this helps. And I do appreciate you following my blog. Hugs, Mikki

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