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Here’s an opportunity to do some early CHRISTMAS shopping! Now through MONDAY, November 24 at 11:59 PM you can SAVE 30% on ALL of our books at Senkarik Publishing.  Just use the coupon code FLASH30. Act fast to take advantage of this great offer from our online distributor, they just don’t do this very often.

JW 8-12-14 First Copy of Preachermans SonJack’s newest book, Preacherman’s Son, is now available online!

JW Preacherman's Son

John Wesley Hardin was the son of a Methodist minister who named his second boy after the founder of his church. The Reverend wanted Wes to become a man of faith; along the way the Preacherman’s son drifted. By the time Hardin was 25 he had killed 42 men. Wes’ life story reads like an exciting, old fashioned western, a page turning murder mystery. Preacherman’s Son is currently only available in hard copy. To order or find out more CLICK HERE.

Artist Confidential Calming Waters COVER eBook version

ARTIST CONFIDENTIAL: Secret Guidelines of Professionals is chock full of practical ideas and helpful tips for artists, a must for anyone making art!  CLICK HERE to order ARTIST CONFIDENTIAL.


Jack’s book, Run Oklahoma Run is a page turner. To find out more about this action packed historical novel CLICK HERE. And…….that’s Jack’s portrait of Quanah Parker on the cover.

Here is your chance to purchase any of our LULU books, including all seven of Jack White’s Art Marketing Classics, and SAVE 30%. Just use the code FLASH30 when you check out. CLICK HERE to see all of our books available at Senkarik Publishing. Have fun browsing through all four pages, many of Jack’s books are available in both hard copy and as downloads.

Thought you would enjoy this excerpt from an email we recently received. “I just finished reading Magic of Selling Art. It made me realize that there are a lot of things I could do to enhance the sales of my art. For example, your book has caused me to revamp my website. The book isn’t just for artists. I have trained hundreds of salesmen in my life. You have taken a lot of techniques that all salesmen are normally exposed to and adapted them to the selling of art. What I like is the way you have done it with your stories and actual examples. Your book is interesting, thought provoking, easy to remember and written from the heart.”

For those of you selling on eBay or thinking about making the plunge this book tells how we do it. Currently Mystique of Marketing Art on eBay is only available in hard copy, we are in the process of making the eBook version. CLICK HERE to order the hard copy.

In BREATHTAKING RETREAT: Making a Painting I show the step by step process of making a 6 foot by 8 foot oil painting of the picturesque Portofino Harbor in Italy. Step into the studio and watch the painting come alive. Filled with painting techniques and useful tips on setting up a studio, BREATHTAKING RETREAT: Making a Painting is a complete oil painting workshop. The Jack White Double Primary Palette is explained and this book reveals the one tool an artist CAN NOT afford to be without. A must for artists and art collectors alike.


Sea to Shining Sea: The Mexican American War and the Manifest Destiny, is the sequel to Jack’s first historical novel, Ten Years in Texas. Sea to Shining Sea covers the two years after Texas became a State, the Mexican American War and the greatest expansion of the United States in our history. Follow the adventures of Bud Miller and Texas Ranger Jack Hayes in this informative page turner. Jack painted the portrait of Jack Hayes on the cover! To order Sea to Shining Sea: The Mexican American War and the Manifest Destiny CLICK HERE.


Unfortunately Jack’s first book Ten Years in Texas, about the ten years Texas was an independent Republic, is not included in this offer because it is distributed by Amazon. But if you would like to order a copy of Ten Years in Texas CLICK HERE.

Treat someone special or maybe even yourself to a good read for Christmas. Or maybe you have an artist on your gift list. This offer at Senkarik Publishing doesn’t last long. It will expire at 11:59PM on Monday, NOVEMBER 24. Just remember to put in the coupon code FLASH30 when you are checking out and you will automatically save 30%.  Please feel free to share this with ALL of your family and friends. Hugs,

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