Farolito Shadows

SK9414 Farolito Shadows step 12

The long spiky leaves of the yucca are made by holding a medium size Bright (square) brush sideways. The sword-like brushstrokes pull easily into the wet paint of the wall. If you’d like to know more about the brushes I use CLICK HERE.

SK9414 Farolito Shadows step 14

A slightly larger Bright brush is used to shape the individual cactus pads. When applying the paint I give the brush a twist, forming the oval pads.

SK9414 Farolito Shadows step 15

The thorns on the cactus are indicated with a fine liner brush. I don’t try to make each and every one, just a few here and there that glitter in the sunlight. Then the snow that’s collected on the pads is added, it’s a lot like frosting a cake 🙂

SK9414 Farolito Shadows step 16

I originally had planned Chamisa in this corner but realized it would be too similar in color to the mums. So we’ll go with some sage, typically found in the high desert. It fits in well with the cactus and yucca. The soft, gray greens look so nice with the blues and lavenders of the freshly fallen snow.

SK9414 Farolito Shadows step 17

I love Chili Wreaths. Again, the side of my Bright brush is used to highlight the hot, spicy peppers with Cadmium Red Light.

SK9414 Farolito Shadows 14x14Farolito Shadows   14 inches by 14 inches   Original Oil Painting

Farolito Shadows cascade across the rough adobe wall and bright portal. Even though it’s late in the afternoon the candles are lit. Tiny flames dance and flicker, ready for Christmas Eve celebrations in Santa Fe. If you’d like to see this or any of the other images enlarged just click on the picture. Thanks to Kent and Joe for allowing me the fun of painting this wintery scene. I’m looking forward to working on the other pieces in their Four Seasons Quartet. Hugs,

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