Bordering the Walk

SL9714 Step 23

The statue of St. Francis is accentuated by the dark cedar tree behind. Sunlight pouring into the scene from the left splashes the white sculpture making it glow. The key to making the highlights pop is to paint the shadows on the white marble in darker values of blue and purple.

SL9714 Step 24

Purple Salvia surrounds St. Francis. I pull out a special color for this wonderful high desert flower. Dioxazine Purple makes a pure, vibrant lavender when mixed with White. I add some Ultramarine Blue into the mixture for the flowers behind the sculpture.

SL9714 Step 25

Stately Delphinium are now planted in front of the Salvia. The blossoms are combinations in varying proportions of Magenta + White. Since the flowers grow on tall stalks above the foliage the leaves were painted first with greens made of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Yellow.

SL9714 Step 26

Rusty Red Coneflowers grow at the base of the tall Delphinium. I go back to my usual sequence of Flowers First, Leaves Last. Mixes of Alizarin Crimson + White and Alizarin Crimson + Cadmium Red Light are used for the daisy like flowers.

SL9714 Step 27

The warmth of the Coneflowers makes them jump forward. And that’s all for today. My painting session was shortened a bit,  Jack said we’re going to go pick out my Christmas present! Can’t wait to see what he’s got in mind! BIG HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


2 Responses to “Bordering the Walk”

  1. philcullendeecullen Says:

    Exciting! Merry Christmas!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Vicki Chapman Says:

    So happy to hear that you and Jack are doing well. I look at my two very special pieces you signed and gave to me and my mother in 1997 when you lived on Longboat Key.
    Happy New Year,
    Vicki Chapman

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