Playa del Carmen ……

SA0215 Step 1

Here I come! Or at least this piece is going to the beautiful coastal resort town in Mexico. To save on International shipping costs it’s done on unstretched canvas. I’m working with Alkyd Oil Paints that dry much faster than regular oils. This allows us to roll the finished painting for it’s journey to Playa del Carmen. After priming the canvas with white acrylic I tape off the image area, leaving enough extra canvas for stretching. The canvas is then taped to a 4 ply piece of cardboard which is set on the easel.

SA0215 Step 2

The basic plan is sketched up on the canvas with a brush dipped in a thin wash of MUD (Alizarin Crimson + Ultramarine Blue) + Liquin.

SA0215 Step 3

The rich blue walls are covered with mixtures in various proportions of Ultramarine Blue + a bit of Cobalt Blue + MUD + White. Next the red trim is delineated using light and dark mixes of Alizarin Crimson + a touch of Cadmium Red Light + White. If you’d like to learn more about our Double Primary Mixing system CLICK HERE.

SA0215 Step 4

The walls and trim are complete. Don’t you think the soft blue is going to be a wonderful backdrop for the bright flowers in this courtyard?

SA0215 Step 5

Since Alkyd Oil Paints dry so quickly I’m saving some of the colors to use in our next session. With my painting knife I press dabs of paint against the side of a plastic yogurt container. The cup will be filled with enough water to cover the paint, keeping air from drying it out. To see this better you can enlarge the image, just click on the picture.

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2 Responses to “Playa del Carmen ……”

  1. Becky Says:

    Hi Mikki

    I have been writing you and Jack in my mind for weeks now, purchased all of Jack’s books right before Christmas. More on all those thoughts in a letter soon.

    In the meantime, one question. What is the closet color to Hansa Lemon Yellow of encaustic paints from Dick Blick: Cadmium Lemon Cadmium Yellow Light … or some other choice

    Thank you for all that you and Jack do, all of it is rather spectacular.

    Thank you, Becky


    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Hi Becky,

      Cadmium Lemon is probably your best bet in the encaustic paints. Thank you for the kind comment. Jack and I really appreciate you following the blog and reading his books. HAPPY PAINTING! Hugs, Mikki

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