Elegance of Romance


SA0415 Elegance of Romance step 1

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to paint anything for my eBay auctions. Our galleries have empty places on their walls and my collectors have been keeping me busy with collaborations. But I don’t want to neglect all of our eBay collectors, so I’m doing a second piece for Valentines. Now, let’s go to one of Jack’s and my favorite romantic places, Italy!

SA0415 Elegance of Romance step 3

The picturesque setting is perched high on the mountain overlooking the village of Amalfi.

To go directly to my auction CLICK HERE.

SA0415 Elegance of Romance step 6

Red is the color of good luck, vitality, long life, celebration, happiness and joy. So we’ve got to have vibrant Red doors for our Valentine’s painting. The blue-green of the water in the distance makes them POP! To enlarge this or any of the other images just click on the picture.

SA0415 Elegance of Romance step 7

Even though it’s mid afternoon Morning Glories cascade over the old stone wall. It’s fun being an artist, I can make flowers bloom anytime I want them to!

SA0415 Elegance of Romance step 9

The heart shaped back of the bistro chair is pulled into the wet paint of the tile floor behind.

SA0415 Elegance of Romance step 10

Luscious green grapes are first blocked in with a darker shade of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Yellow Medium + White. A lighter mix is used to delineate the individual grapes.

SA0415 Elegance of Romance step 11

Pink, the color of LOVE, is perfect for the roses on the table. Nasturtiums tumble out of the container in front of the door.

SA0415 Elegance of Romance 17x17Elegance of Romance   17 inches by 17 inches  Original Oil Painting

Capture the heart of someone you love with this Senkarik Original Oil Painting. Wouldn’t you just like to relax as you take in the fragrance of the fresh roses, nibble on grapes and share a sip of wine with your Valentine while gazing into the seemingly endless vista of the Amalfi Coast? Give the Elegance of Romance to that special person in your life. Remember, a Senkarik Original Oil Painting will last for generations, bringing smiles long after candy and flowers are gone. I will be happy to personalize the back with your message to the recipient. Just let me know as soon as possible after you win!

SA0415 Elegance of Romance 17x17 on wall

Elegance of Romance measures 17 inches x 17 inches. This size painting retails in our galleries for $990. And you don’t have to worry about framing, it’s painted on a canvas with 1 1/2 inch finished sides. We’ve wired it and even include the hanger and nail. Elegance of Romance is ready to hang as soon as you unpack it!

The auction ends Monday, February  2 at 8 PM Texas (Central) Time allowing you to receive it in plenty of time to give for Valentine’s Day.

To go directly to my auction CLICK HERE.

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