More Irises

2015-2-1 Iris and Petunia Container

My Christmas Irises are happily blooming away! Thought you’d enjoy sharing in their beauty with Jack and I.

2015-2-1 Iris - Autumn Circis with hat shadow

Doesn’t the shadow look like a little lady in big hat?

2015-2-1 Iris - Wine Festival

This one is called “Wine Festival”.

2015-2-1 Iris - Autumn Circis

I love the eyes in “Autumn Circus”! Just wanted to bring a little spring sunshine to our readers in the depths of the frozen tundra. You can click on any of the images to see them enlarged.

SA0415 Elegance of Romance - SJ8614 A Colorful Spot        A Colorful Spot                        The Elegance of Romance

AND…. Don’t forget. The first of my Valentine’s auctions on eBay, A Colorful Spot ends tonight at 8PM Central Time. Bidding for The Elegance of Romance ends Monday evening, February 2 at the same time.

CLICK HERE to go to the auctions.


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