Rosie and Ruby

2015-2-18 Planting Rosie 1

We’ve been waiting for today ever since we purchased our new home. Rosie and Ruby have finally arrived. They are Forest Pansy Redbud trees, some of our very favorites. We got two of the first ones to come in at our local nursery. In our part of Texas we know spring is here when we see the bright magenta pink blooms of the Redbud. The Forest Pansy species of Redbud has the added beauty of incredible purple, heart shaped leaves.

2015-2-18 Planting Rosie 3

The crew dug the hole for Rosie, then made sure she was standing at attention.

2015-2-18 Planting Ruby

Ruby was a little more difficult to plant, a jack hammer was needed to break up the bed rock that is prevalent in our area.

2015-2-18 Rosie and Ruby

So….our special garden babies are snug in their new home.

2015-2-18 Rosie first flower buds

 Rosie already has a few flower buds!

2015-2-18 Rosie and Ruby through arbor

Rosie and Ruby in the lower garden seen through the Rose arbor. You can click on the image to see it larger.

2013-3-6 Redbud

Now this was taken at our old home when the Redbud was just breaking out in bloom.

2013-5-7 rose arbor 3

And here’s the Redbud with its gorgeous foliage on the right. This is also at the old house. The Rose Arbor to the left is covered with Peggy Martin Roses. Peggy Martin Roses survived being under sea water for a week after Hurricane Katrina. Growers decided to produce them in enough quantities so they could be sold to the general public. The neatest thing is they have NO THORNS! We have Peggy’s planted on the arbors at our new place. Can you see why we’re so excited about Rosie, Ruby and Peggy? Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what’s going on in our garden.

AND… Here is Jack’s latest article for Fine Art Studio Online. To read Emotion and Reason CLICK HERE. Hugs,

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2 Responses to “Rosie and Ruby”

  1. Nancy Masters Says:

    Being stuck in Connecticut right now with 2 feet of snow on the ground and temperatures in the teens and below with howling winds, your trees give us all hope in the Northeast. I am sure that some day we will see a thaw and our gardens and grass again.
    I have to investigate if “Peggy Martin” roses will live in a zone 5.

  2. Chris & Connie Newell Says:

    Wonderful…God Bless.


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