Cactus and Rocks

SC1115 Step 27

The Prickly Pear Cactus is painted with mixes of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + Cadmium Yellow Medium + White. A little bit of Alizarin Crimson is added in for the old growth of the cactus trunks. The pads are made by twisting a medium size Bright or square brush. I’ll be painting some cactus in the second video.

SC1115 Step 28

The pads are highlighted where the sunlight catches the edges.

Starting the rocks lining the stream. For some reason the video didn’t embed in my post today so just CLINK on the link above to watch the video.

Working on the rocks and cactus to the right of the stream. Same thing here, just CLICK the link to watch 🙂

SC1115 Step 29

Now for the little stream. My mixes are: #1. Ultramarine Blue + a tiny touch of MUD + White. #2. Ultramarine Blue + White. #3. Ultramarine Blue + Pthalo Blue + White. #4 and #5. Two shades of Pthalo Blue + White. #6. Pthalo Blue + Turquoise Blue + White. #7. Two different mixes of Turquoise Blue + White.

SC1115 Step 31

Mixtures #1 and #2 are used for the water above the waterfall. It’s duller than the other mixtures, therefore it drops back. Directly below the falls the water is painted with the Pthalo Blue mixes, leaving the brightest Turquoise Blue ones for the foreground pond. Reflections of the rocks are pulled straight down into the wet paint of the water below them.

SC1115 Step 32

Foam collects at the edges of the water along the bottom of the rocks.

SC1115 Step 33

Don’t you love the soft babble of a little brook? We’ll be planting flowers in our next session. Hope you’ll come watch. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

4 Responses to “Cactus and Rocks”

  1. Annette Says:

    Just beautiful Mikki. I do have a question. Do you put down liquid white or any thing else on your canvas before you start painting?

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Hi Annette,
      Instead of using gesso I prime my canvases with Liquitex Basics White Acrylic that come in a jar. This makes the surface slightly slick. When I do my initial oil wash sketch it is easier to wipe off any errant lines. Then thick brushstrokes also go on much easier. For the White on my palette I use Winson Newton WINTON Mixing White. It’s softer and more buttery than regular White. Thanks for following along. Have a super day. HUGS, Mikki

  2. Karen Reif Says:

    Yes, the water is beautiful. I want to sit on the edge and put my feet in. Did you change your email? Our emails are being returned.

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