The One Thing I Don’t Like About Spring…….

Before starting on what I dislike about this season I want to let you know Jack’s newest article is out on Fine Art Studio Online! In it he reveals the key element of selling. To read A Pair of Ears and One Mouth CLICK HERE.

2015-3-13 Rosie and Ruby

The only problem with spring is it’s tax time……..AGAIN. I’m busy getting our stuff together for our CPA, I’ll be back at the easel in a day or two. In the meantime I thought I’d share a few of our garden pictures with you! Rosie and Ruby are doing great! You can CLICK HERE to see when we planted them last month.

2015-3-18 Rosie

Rosie is starting to put out tiny, purple, heart-shaped leaves.

2015-3-13 Garden - end of deck from lower garden

Here I’m standing next to Rosie looking up toward the fountain courtyard. We’re going to put Cherry Tomatoes on the trellis along the back of the deck. All of our Tomatoes are in pots on the deck, just waiting to get their feet in the ground on April 1st! You can click on the picture to see it larger.

2015-3-19 Bluebonnets and knock out roses in pots

We had a surprise in the Bluebonnets along the front walk, a RED one popped up right in the middle of the bed!

2015-3-19 Bluebonnets in kitchen garden

Bluebonnets are thriving in the Kitchen Garden. If you’d like to see it under construction CLICK HERE.

2015-3-19 Bluebonnets and poppies kitchen garden

More Bluebonnets.  Do you think we like them or WHAT? The large leafy plants in the foreground are Red Corn Poppies. They’ll be blooming next!

2015-3-19 Rose arbor - kitchen garden 1

The Petunias are outdoing themselves! I can see them from the kitchen sink. Won’t be long before the Peggy Martin Roses on the arbor start blooming.

2015-3-2 Zippity 2

Meet the newest member of our garden menagerie, “Zippity”. The neatest thing is we’ll always have at least one hummingbird at our feeder 🙂 BIG HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


5 Responses to “The One Thing I Don’t Like About Spring…….”

  1. Annette Says:

    Love the garden. My husband has been growing tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, and various flowers in the basement under a grow light so as soon as any danger of frost has passed, into the ground they will go. I do about 3 5lb. buckets of potatoes and grow some onions and bell peppers. There is something about bring the veggies in from the garden and eating them at meal time. Thanks for sharing all your spring glory. Nebraska is getting there!!

  2. Cathleen Battles Says:

    Fabulous job on your garden!

  3. Christopher Newell Says:

    Sometimes Mikki you are just what a Saturday Morning needs. Hugs to Jack and I think I found my Voice!

  4. abigailhowe Says:

    I agree that my least favorite part of spring is preparing tax papers! I love that you mixed this post with the beauty of spring to counterbalance the Ick of taxes!

  5. Terri Hansen Says:

    Mikki, I love your posts about your landscaping and gardening and animals! We are always doing the same around here and I love your fresh ideas!

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