Southwest Construction Zone

SC1215 Celebrate Spring Step 5

Building the adobe structure is our first order of business today. My color mixes are: #1. Ultramarine Blue + White. #2. MUD + Cadmium Orange + Ultramarine Blue + a little White. #3. Mixture #2 + more White. #4. Cadmium Orange + Ultramarine Blue + White. #5. #4 + more White. #6. #4 + even more White.

SC1215 Celebrate Spring Step 6

The sunlit portion of the wall is blocked in first. Then I come back and drag the dark shadows over the lighter paint underneath. This softens the edges of the cast shadows. You can click on the image to see it larger.

SC1215 Celebrate Spring Step 7

The window is a Bluish Purple made of Ultramarine Blue + Dioxazine Purple + White. Dioxazine Purple is one of those special colors I pull out occasionally and add to the palette. It makes a beautiful Periwinkle Blue when mixed with Ultramarine Blue and is perfect for the Wisteria shown in the following VIDEOS!

YEP, That’s right. More Videos today. If the screen doesn’t show up then CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE. Step One in painting the Wisteria is FLOWERS FIRST!


Here I’m delineating the final details on the Wisteria blossoms.

SC1215 Celebrate Spring Step 8

Our Wisteria is finished……I’ll be working on the courtyard floor in the next session. Please do come watch. And if you have any questions all you have to do is ask in the comments section. Have a great evening. Hugs,

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4 Responses to “Southwest Construction Zone”

  1. Steven Long Says:

    I just watched your videos of painting the wisteria. Absolutely amazing! I just want to say thanks. I am sure that someone has already suggested this, but audio to accompany the video would make them even better yet. I am an artist and I paint abstract works with acrylics on canvas. I read Jack’s articles on FASO as well as in my copies of Professional Artist Magazine and am a huge fan. Again, thanks to you both for what you share with others.

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Thank you Steven,
      I agree with you, having audio would be beneficial. Here’s the problem, it would take more time than I have to do. It’s difficult enough to find time just to take and edit these. I’m very fortunate as an artist with several commissions to do and galleries needing paintings. But please, always feel free to ask any questions you have. I’ll do my best to answer them. Thanks also for following my blog and Jack’s writings. HAPPY PAINTING, Mikki

  2. Jo Ann Morgan Says:

    Love the videos!

  3. Janet Bester Says:

    Thanks a million for all your time to make the videos. Appreciate it very much!

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