A Wisteria Covered Pergola

SD1315 Tranquil Retreat step 10

“Painting Forward” from the sky the most distant hill is made with Ultramarine Blue + MUD + White. This makes a very muted blue that drops back. The next layer of hills is made warmer following a simple rule that helps to give the appearance of depth in a painting: Cool Colors go Back, Warm Colors come Forward.

SD1315 Tranquil Retreat step 11

The Bluebonnets in the distance are also a dull blue so they’ll recede. Don’t worry, I’ll intensify the colors of the flowers as they come closer to the foreground. Usually I’d continue working on the landscape, painting the Live Oak Trees, barn and field of Bluebonnets. But I want to get the Wisteria blocked in while the sky paint is still wet. First we have to build the pergola so it will have a place to grow!

SD1315 Tranquil Retreat step 12

 I’ve started blocking in the Wisteria blossoms with Dioxazine Purple + White. Susan had a special request, a bird cage with the door open. I feel very honored, this is an important part of Jack’s and my story that she wanted to include in her painting. If you’re curious about the significance of the bird cage CLICK HERE to read our complete love story.

SD1315 Tranquil Retreat step 13

The Wisteria is roughed in Flowers First (1) and Leaves Last (2).

SD1315 Tranquil Retreat step 14

It’s fun drawing the wispy, twisty tendrils into the wet paint of the sky. The final step on painting the Wisteria is to delineate the individual petals in the long dangling blooms.

SD1315 Tranquil Retreat step 15

The Wisteria and bird cage are done. Hope you’ll come back soon and watch the progress. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


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