Spring Time

2015-4-4 Rose Tree

I just had to share a little of our garden with you today. Remember the Valentine Roses Jack got for me? Well, I think they’re happy. I know I am 🙂 Please keep in mind as you read my blog, you can click on any of the images to see them larger.

2015-4-10 Irises, Rose Tree and Poppies 2

We have Irises, Roses, Bluebonnets and Red Corn Poppies. You can see more of our spring garden through the gate. Jack and I designed our gardens. My part time job over the past year has been doing the construction. I still have a little way to go but most of the heavy work is almost done. C’mon, follow me and we’ll check it out.

2015-4-9 Kitchen Garden 1

More Bluebonnets in the Kitchen Garden. If you’d like to see how this looked one year ago CLICK HERE.

2015-4-15 Kitchen Garden 2

The Jerusalem Sage is just starting to burst out in flower. I’ll keep you updated! The pink in the background is one of our Peggy Martin Roses on the arbor.

2015-4-9 Kitchen Garden from window

Here’s the Kitchen Garden from the window. I get to enjoy this view as I’m cooking.

2015-4-9 Swannee and Peggy

Doesn’t Swannee add a neat touch to this little vignette? It won’t be long before the Sweet Potato Vine and Marigolds grow up and fill out the Talavera planter. This “Peggy” is really beginning to fill out with blooms.

2015-4-9 Redbud garden

We’ll go ’round the back to the Redbud Garden. Rosie (Green Leaves on the left) and Ruby (Magenta Leaves on the right) are doing quite well. They are both Forest Pansy Redbud Trees, not sure why they look so different. Could be Ruby is more mature, the leaves are supposed to be this deep red-purple color. The red flowers on the left are Salvia Greggii.

2015-4-9 Redbud garden - Yellow Irises

Yellow Irises nestle near the base of Rosie.

2015-4-10 Fountain Courtyard steps and tomatoe bed

Looking from the Redbud garden back to the studio and the Fountain Courtyard. Tomatoes are planted in the bed that extends along the end of the deck to the right.

2015-4-10 Fountain Courtyard 2 under rose arbor

This arbor will also be covered with Peggy Martin Roses. Want to see how this looked when we moved here? Just CLICK HERE.

2015-4-9 Fountain courtyard 1

RadRazz Knock Out Roses and Arizona Sun Gaillardias. The unusual Sweet Potato Vine is called Chipolte! It’s a mix of Lime Green and deep Purple. You can click on the picture to see it larger. Confederate Jasmine will grow up on the trellis behind the fountain and cascade over the fence. It will be in full bloom in a couple of weeks, the fragrance will be wonderful. So that’s our garden! Hope you enjoyed a little of our spring finery. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


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9 Responses to “Spring Time”

  1. Janet Zeh Says:

    Just beautiful Mikki! You make magic happen in your gardens wherever you are, I knew you would create a floral paradise.

  2. Leon and Peggy Black Says:

    You amaze me!!!!!!!!

  3. Bonnie Says:

    No wonder you paint such wonderful flowers – you grow them as well. Bonnie

  4. Patricia Cochran Says:

    Your Spring Garden is beautiful.

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Annette Says:

    So pretty, didn’t even realize there was yellow iris’s. So pretty, I love flowers, in fact I have driven around Nebraska taking photos of the trees out here right now. You will have to look at my facebook page if you are able. I have them posted on “my wall”. There is so much more that can grow in this zone.

  6. Cathleen Battles Says:

    Wow! You have done an amazing amount of work. It all looks great, especially to a flower lover. Apparently you guys have a green thumb.

    Yesterday I found peony bushes at Lowe’s. I have never seen peonies in a nursery in Calif. (Or Texas or Colorado) So I was delighted. Peonies, lilacs and irises were my Minn. favorites. I bought 3 for my pots. Going to see what happens–I know they might not make it but at least will get one season of beautiful blooms.


    P.S. Love your yellow irises.

  7. Jerry Taylor Says:

    Wish you were my neighbors.

  8. carlene lagrou Says:

    love your garden, smaller is just as beautiful as the acreage was

  9. Soli Says:

    awesome, love your garden ❤

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