Those of you who play golf know what a Mulligan is. Read about Jack’s experience “on the links” in his latest article on FineArtStudioOnline. Just CLICK HERE to read Mulligan.

SD1515 Chimayo Morning Step 1

We’re heading for New Mexico today, Chimayo to be exact. I love the Mission there. The basic plan is first sketched on the canvas with a brush dipped in a thin oil wash of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin. Do remember, you can click on any of the images to view them larger.

SD1515 Chimayo Morning Step 2

Here’s the completed sketch.

SD1515 Chimayo Morning Step 3

I’ve decided to make this very early in morning with the sun just peeking over the mountains behind the mission. My colors are mixed and ready to go. #1. MUD + White. #2. MUD + Alizarin Crimson + White. #3. Mix #2 + White. #4. Alizarin Crimson + a little MUD + a touch of Cadmium Red Light + White. #5. Mixture #4 + Cadmium Orange + White. #6. I’ve added more White + a tiny bit of Cadmium Yellow Medium to the Mix in #5.

Let’s get to painting that early morning sky. This is my favorite time of day, a fresh new beginning! Dare I say “A Mulligan”?

SD1515 Chimayo Morning Step 4

The cool morning light skips and dances over the Sage Brush and Chamisa.

SD1515 Chimayo Morning Step 5

Now for the Mission. I brace against the mahl stick to steady my hand as I delineate the fine details.

SD1515 Chimayo Morning Step 6

The warmth of the Red Corn Poppies will POP against the cool, grayed greens in the background. Hope you’ll come back tomorrow to watch them grow. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG



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2 Responses to “Mulligan”

  1. Annette Says:

    Love that sky.

  2. Patricia Cochran Says:

    Good Morning Mikki. Yes, morning sunrise is a beautiful time of day. Love your sun peeking over the hills. It is wonderful how you include flowers in your paintings. Thank your for your daily blog as I look forward to it.

    Sent from my iPad


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