Forever Roses for Mother’s Day

SD1415 Forever Roses Step 1

My this year is flying by, can you believe Mother’s Day is a week from Sunday on May 10th? I’m working on an eBay piece especially for this celebration of our love for Mothers, Grandmothers and Mother’s-in-Law.

To go directly to the auction CLICK HERE.

SD1415 Forever Roses Step 2

I just had to work a heart into the piece! Found this cool stone header in our reference pictures but don’t remember exactly where it was taken. Somewhere deep in Mexico is the closest Jack and I can recall.

SD1415 Forever Roses Step 4

The White Morning Glories have been blocked in with my usual sequence of Flowers First, Leaves Last. It’s fun drawing the delicate tendrils into the wet paint of the wall with a fine liner brush.

SD1415 Forever Roses Step 5

In Fung Shui the color Red represents LOVE. What better than to have a Red door for our Mother’s Day painting 🙂

The video above shows how I paint the Irises. Working opposite of my normal method, I begin by painting the long, strap-like leaves.

Watch how the thick, textured brush stokes of the Iris flowers are “Laid” on top of the underlying color. I have to be careful not to pick up any of the adobe wall paint, it would muddy the soft Lavenders and Purples made of Dioxazine Purple + White.

SD1415 Forever Roses Step 6

Roses are another tradition for Mother’s Day.

SD1415 Forever Roses 17x14

The best thing about these is they will never fade, Forever Roses!

SD1415 Forever Roses with tape measureForever Roses measures 17 inches tall x 14 inches wide, that’s the outside dimension of the Senkarik Signature Frame. The painted image is 12 1/2 inches tall x 9 1/2 inches wide. It’s ready to hang as soon as you give it! We even provide the hanger and nail! This size Senkarik Original Oil Painting retails for $590 in our Team Galleries. But to make it more fun we are starting the bid at A PENNY! That’s right, ONLY ONE CENT!

But don’t Linger! The auction for Forever Roses ends this Sunday, May 3 at 8 PM Texas (Central) Time. If you’d like me to personalize it to that special Mom in your life let me know as soon as possible after you win. We have to ship the painting Monday, May 4 to make sure we get it to you in time to give for Mother’s Day.

To go to the auction CLICK HERE!


Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

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