Heart Shaped Chairs



The wrought iron chairs with the heart shaped backs are drawn with a mix of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin into the wet paint of the wall. Working wet into wet makes it easier to drag smooth lines. It would be difficult if the thick paint of the background was dry, stiff and bumpy!

SE1915 Healing Retreat step 12

WHEW! We’ve got those finished. I have to admit I hold my breath while pulling those lines! Here’s a closeup. To see this better you can enlarge the image by clicking on the picture.

SE1915 Healing Retreat step 13

The next step will be to paint lacy curtains in the windows. When I sketched up the initial plan the openings were washed in with mixes of Ultramarine Blue + Liquin and MUD + Liquin. Today the washes are totally dry……..

So let’s get started. Pulling the brush straight down I lightly drag the shadow colors of the curtains over the background. Then highlights are added. I want the texture of the canvas to show, giving the impression of lace curtains.

SE1915 Healing Retreat step 14

Next the doors, window frames and mullions are painted over the curtains. They immediately drop “Behind the Glass”. I brace against a mahl stick that is hooked over the top of my easel to steady my hand.

SE1915 Healing Retreat step 15

Can’t you just hear a little bell tinkle at the thought of someone opening the doors? The whoosh of fresh air makes the crisp, lacy curtains flutter and dance. That’s all for today, hope you’ll come back again soon. But before you go I think you’ll enjoy Jack’s latest article on FineArtStudioOnline. CLICK HERE to read Best Advice. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


2 Responses to “Heart Shaped Chairs”

  1. Greta Says:

    Mikki, the painting is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing its creation. I think I also held my breath on those chairs!

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