Curved Walkway

SE1915 Healing Retreat step 16

Now for the tile floor of the entry courtyard. The flat surface is totally covered, establishing the light and shadow pattern. Sunlight spills across the upper level, the lower floor is in shadow. This is called the THRESHOLD effect. What is that??????? Think of standing outside, looking at your home from a distance, on a warm summer night. Make sure the front door is open with the inside light on. Your eye is dragged through the darkness, across the THRESHOLD of the door, to the light inside. This works in a painting, the viewer’s gaze is drawn over the shadow in the front to the sunny portion behind. The THRESHOLD effect helps to give the feeling of depth in a painting.


The curving perspective lines are first drawn into the wet paint of the floor followed by the horizontal lines separating the individual tiles.

The lower level is done in the same sequence; perspective lines first. Then the edges of the tiles are highlighted.

SE1915 Healing Retreat step 17

Our entry courtyard is complete!


SE1915 Healing Retreat step 18

A bit of Cadmium Red Light added to the floor paint is perfect for the terra-cotta containers in the foreground. The back edge of each pot is painted with a mix of Ultramarine Blue + White. The coolness of the blue helps to “Round” the side.

2015-5-11 Tomatoe Bed

Before I say “Good Bye” today I have to gloat about our tomatoes! You can click on the picture to enlarge it. We’ve been eating cherry tomatoes (the two plants on the trellis on the right) and it won’t be long until the regular ones will be ready to harvest.

2015-5-14 Molly in Tomatoes

I think Molly is even proud! How ’bout you? A Bobcat Tomato and two Celebrity Tomatoes are directly behind her! Thanks for following along. BIG HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG




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