Chief Iron Tail

SF2715 Iron Tail Step 1

Painting another Indian Portrait just in time for Father’s Day. If you’d like to go directly to my eBay auction CLICK HERE.

This auction ENDS at 8 PM Central Time, TUESDAY, June 16 so don’t linger.

SF2715 Iron Tail Step 2

My paint mixtures for the face are shown above. #1. Two shades of Cerulean Blue + White. #2. Pure Cerulean Blue from the tube. #3. A dab of pure Terra Rosa. #4. Three mixes in different proportions of Terra Rosa + MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + White. #5. Three shades of Terra Rosa + White. #6. Terra Rosa + Cadmium Red Light + White. #7. MUD + Liquin.

SF2715 Iron Tail Step 3

The background was covered with mixes in various proportions of Viridian Green + Alizarin Crimson + Pthalo Blue + White. Now for the face. The shadows are blocked in first.

SF2715 Iron Tail Step 4

Faces are divided horizontally into three color zones. The forehead is more yellow while the middle zone, the nose and cheekbones, is more red. This is because the skin is thinner here so blood vessels are closer to the skin. The lower face is bluer or cooler. These zones are more pronounced in men but if you look closely you can see the subtle changes in women. I drag some of mix #1 over the skin tones in the lower face to add the coolness.

SF2715 Iron Tail Step 5

Bracing against the mahl stick to steady my hand the catch light and reflected light on the iris are added. To see the image larger just click on the picture.

VIDEO TODAY! Blocking in the War Bonnet.

SF2715 Iron Tail Step 6

It’s fun painting the ribbons draping from the Headdress.

SF2715 Iron Tail 14x14Chief Iron Tail       Original Oil Painting

Chief Iron Tail was an Oglala Lakota Chief and star performer in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Iron Tail was a popular subject for professional photographers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His distinctive profile was used as a model for the Indian Head nickel issued from 1913 to 1938.

SF2715 Iron Tail corner

The piece is done on a gallery wrapped canvas with a 1 1/2″ finished edge. It’s ready to hang as soon as you give it! We even provide the hanger and nail! Father’s Day is just around the corner on June 21st. Chief Iron Tail would make a wonderful gift for that special dad in your life. Remember, a Senkarik Original Oil Painting will last for generations, expressing your love and appreciation for years to come.

SF2715 Iron Tail with tape

Chief Iron Tail measures 14 inches tall x 14 inches wide. This size Senkarik Original Oil Painting retails for $690 in our Team Galleries. But to make it more fun we are starting the bid at A PENNY! That’s right, ONLY ONE CENT! Don’t wait too long, the AUCTION ENDS TUESDAY, June 16 at 8 PM Central Time. If you’d like the back of the painting personalized for the recipient please let me know as soon as possible when you win. You need to get the information to me Tuesday evening so I can schedule your painting to be picked up by FedEX on Wednesday. That way we’ll make sure it gets to you in time to give on Father’s Day.

To go to the auction CLICK HERE


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  1. Karen Burnette Garner Says:

    Mikki, this series is beautiful! Your skill is on full display! Thank you for sharing!

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