Courtyard Garden in Santa Fe

SF2815 - SF2915 Step 1

Starting on a couple of pieces for my Collector Event in Santa Fe. These two are designed so they work individually or as a diptych. The basic elements are sketched up on the canvases. We’re ready to begin painting……

SF2815 - SF2915 Step 2

The background is done first. After painting the sky and distant mountains I’ll concentrate on the Poplar Trees. My color mixtures are shown above. #1. Pthalo Blue + Liquin. #2. Pthalo Blue + White. #3. Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Yellow Medium + White. #4. Mixture #3 + more Pthalo Blue. #5. Mix #4 with additional White. #6. Even more White added to mix #5.

VIDEO TODAY – Painting the Poplar Trees

SF2815 - SF2915 Step 3

“Painting Forward” the adobe walls of the courtyard are now constructed. I use various mixes of Cadmium Orange + Ultramarine Blue + MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + White. As the back of the lower wall curving around to intersect with the gate I add some Ultramarine Blue + White. Cooling the most distant edge where the two walls intersect makes it recede.

SF2815 - SF2915 Step 4

Light and dark shades of Pthalo Blue + White are used for the arched gate. The latch and hinges are drawn into the wet paint of the gate with MUD + Liquin. The mahl stick is used to steady my hand as I delineate the details of the hardware.

SF2815 - SF2915 Step 5

Our structure is complete. We’ll start doing a little planting and laying tile in our next session.  Hope you’ll grab your work gloves and come help!

SF3015 Chief Red Fish

Don’t Forget…….My eBay auction for Chief Red Fish ends Tomorrow, Wednesday at 8 PM Central Time.

CLICK HERE to go directly to the auction.


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5 Responses to “Courtyard Garden in Santa Fe”

  1. Kate Pearce Says:

    Hi Miki
    I’m enjoying the videos of you painting. It’s interesting to observe your brush strokes, and the way you layer more color over thick impasto without allowing it to all turn to real Mud!
    I’d be interested to see a video which also shows your palette, and how you’re picking up the paint, and cleaning the brush between strokes.
    Do you work from your own reference photos, and where do you find all the delightful scenes to paint, or are they from your imagination?
    I love what you’ve done with your own garden!
    Regards, Kate

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Kate, Thank you for all of your kind words. Glad you like the videos. I’ll see what I can do about showing how I pick up the paint. You can go to this link to see the palette:
      As I’m doing a video of painting I occasionally show how I wipe my brush with tissue paper. Have to remember to show that more often. I work from pictures we’ve taken on our travels throughout the world. Also I clip images from magazines for ideas. Browsing through is a great way to generate the imagination. I make up most of my garden scenes by compiling several ideas from different sources. The gate may be from Santa Fe, a bench from Mexico and flowers from California. I add bits and pieces from everywhere!
      Last but certainly not least, I appreciate your compliments on our garden. It’s been a labor of love. Thank you for following my blog, Mikki

  2. Says:

    Hi Mikki, Love your work, and the Chiefs Regards

  3. Dorothy Whisenhunt Says:

    Please send all my emails to new email address:
    I don’t want to miss anything you are doing. Thank you.

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      To receive the posts to your new email address scroll to the top of the blog page. On the upper right side there is a section that reads EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS. Click on that……Here you should be able to take out your old address and re-subscribe with your new one. I will also change your address on our mailing list. Thank you for following my blog! Hugs, Mikki

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