A Couple of Ponies

southwest bench 5

Today I’m concentrating on the little bench under the Wisteria. This post gives you an example of how I combine ideas. I went on Google.com and searched Southwest benches. These are two of the ones found, this piece is a nice example of the furniture you see in Santa Fe.

southwest bench 7My heart jumped when I saw this horse head bench. If you’ve followed by blog very long you know I’m Horse Crazy! So I combined elements of each and designed my own Southwestern style settee.


TWO VIDEOS TODAY! Blocking in the bench.

VIDEO: Putting in the final details. You can enlarge the videos to view them better. After starting the VIDEO just click on the full screen icon on the far right side of the black bar along the bottom.

SF2815 - SF2915 Step 16

Now we’ll plant a stand of White Hollyhocks next to our wooden ponies.

SF2815 - SF2915 FinalColorful Abundance                        Serene Embrace

The diptych is complete. I planned the pieces to hang as a pair or individually. Please remember as you read through my blogs, you can click on any of the images to see them larger.  Look for the hummingbird in Serene Embrace! Hope you’ll come see us at the Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery at our Annual Event September 4th and 5th! You can see the paintings in person then……hope they have a couple of red dots by them!

2014-7-14 Molly in her new basket closeup

Molly asked me to relay the following message:

“Thank you for all of your good wishes. I’m not purr-fectly 100 purr-cent but I’m feeling better. I’m staying close to Mikki, as far away from that Sissie as I can get!”

kitty paw print

2 Responses to “A Couple of Ponies”

  1. AniK Says:

    Mikki, I am thrilled at your horse bench! And thank you Molly for letting us know you are better, you look so sweet in the basket. Kisses!

  2. Terri Hansen Says:

    Mikki, I am also thrilled about your bench! I love your imagination, and your painting is beautiful! I’ve saved magazine pages for ideas for years, and only had internet a couple of years. Finding your work which I admire so much, is helping me get the courage to put my own paintings together! Thank you so much!

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