Pay It Forward

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

I’d like to thank Jennifer H. for this quote. We’ve all heard different variations of “PAY IT FORWARD”. Jack and I feel the only way we can repay those who’ve helped us along to way is to help others. That’s the main reason for this blog. I’ve been extremely blessed as an artist and want to pass on any knowledge I can to others.

SG3115 Cascade of Silver Lace reference 2

Many of you have asked where my ideas come from. The answer is simple, EVERYWHERE! We are constantly taking pictures and see paintings in every direction we look. I found this spread in one of my favorite magazines, Phoenix Home and Gardens. I love the old gate and adobe wall so I’m incorporating it into one of the pieces for my Annual Collector Event in Santa Fe.

SG3115 Cascade of Silver Lace reference 1

I also was attracted to the niche  and wrought iron door handle in the photo above. So those will also be thrown into the idea mill for this painting.

santa fe garden 19

Isn’t the pergola in the top photo pretty cool? Some how I want to work that in…….

Blue tile 1

And I absolutely have to add some of these great Blue Ceramic Tiles.

silver lace vine 5

I love Silver Lace Vine. It’s going to be my main star draping over the adobe wall and weathered turquoise wood gate.

SG3115 Cascade of Silver Lace step 1

Here is my “thinking” sketch. I originally had the niche on the right side, then realized the water in the fountain needs a darker backdrop. So I moved the niche and St. Francis to the left side under a pergola with tile topped columns. Then I decided to carry the tile theme to the fountain, lining the top edge of the base. The lists on both sides of the sketch are flowers found in Santa Fe. Since the sketch is not going to be shown to a client for a commission I leave it at this stage. I have enough information to give me a “map” to follow as I paint. If you’d like to enlarge the drawing just click on the image.

Now please remember….. always feel free to ask questions. I’ll do my best to answer them. If I don’t know the answer I’ll just do like Jack does, I’ll make something up 🙂 Hugs,

M Senkarik

2 Responses to “Pay It Forward”

  1. Saartjie van den Bergh Says:

    Hi Mikki I looked at your post and want to thank you for all the tips you have shared with me as a novice!! That is such a good guideline. Thank you and God bless and may He shower with tons for blessings as an artist!!!

    Saartjie van den Bergh

    082 324 9069

    “Soar like an eagle, higher and higher”

    Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2015 02:12:41 +0000 To:

  2. Annette Says:

    Can’t wait to see the progress. It’s a gift to get to see how your mind works, and the different ways you combine bits and pieces. Thank you Mikki.

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