Distant Courtyard

SG3115 Cascade of Silver Lace step 10

I’ve chosen to plant Dioxazine Purple Salvia and Cobalt Blue Plumbago in the distant courtyard. Since these are cool colors they recede and will fall in back of the brighter, warmer flowers that are going to be planted in the foreground.

SG3115 Cascade of Silver Lace step 3

Let’s go back a few days…..I forgot to mention a change I made when sketching my basic plan up on canvas. A few of my “Eagle Eye” readers noticed and asked, “why did I change the direction of the steps in the background?” After putting them in initially I didn’t like the feel, the steps as I first drew them took the viewer out of the painting. By turning them the other way, the path through the painting makes a gentle “S-curve”, leading you back into the painting and overall much more pleasing.

SG3115 Cascade of Silver Lace step 11

The weathered Turquoise door is painted with two different shades of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + White

SG3115 Cascade of Silver Lace step 13

The tile floor is now blocked in, establishing the shadow and light pattern. Strokes of blue and purple left over from the Salvia and Plumbago are added along the back edge of the shadows. This makes them “Lay Down” and recede.

SG3115 Cascade of Silver Lace step 15

The crevices between the tiles are drawn into the wet paint of the floor with a fine liner brush. The perspective lines also help to give the painting more depth.

SG3115 Cascade of Silver Lace step 16

I’ve added a little green into the floor where my signature goes. Placing the complimentary color behind my name makes the red appear brighter. Please remember, you can enlarge any of the pictures by clicking on the image. And…..always feel free to ask questions. Hugs,

M Senkarik


2 Responses to “Distant Courtyard”

  1. Kim Says:

    When and where is your show in santa fe ?

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Hi Kim,
      It’s at the Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery on Sept 4 and 5. Their address is 217 Galisteo Street. For more information just call 505.988.5545. Hope you can come. Hugs, Mikki

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