Tapestry of Fall

SG3315 Tapestry of Fall step 24

Fall Asters are in full bloom this time of year in the Southwest. Dioxazine Purple is perfect for its tiny, daisy shaped blossoms. The mass of flowers is blocked in first with mixes of Dioxazine Purple + Ultramarine Blue + White and Dioxazine Purple + White.

SG3315 Tapestry of Fall step 25

After painting the foliage I add the cheery yellow centers with a small filbert brush. Please remember as you read through my blog, you can enlarge any of the pictures by clicking on the image.

SG3315 Tapestry of Fall step 26

I love all the different colors of Indian Corn. There is nothing like stopping at a roadside stand in Santa Fe and picking out several ears!

SG3315 Tapestry of Fall step 27

Agastache, or Hummingbird Mint, blooms in the late summer and fall. The flowers are mixes of Magenta + White. I use greens made of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + White for the leaves.

SG3315 Tapestry of Fall step 28

I had originally planned to have Blanket Flowers nestle at the base of the Agastache. But I realized the red-oranges would compete with the Pumpkins on the opposite side of the cobblestone path. So I planted Sage instead! The coolness of the feathery foliage makes it drop back.

SG3315 Tapestry of Fall 30x40Tapestry of Fall         30 inches by 40 inches

Sometimes when a piece is finished I find my original ideas don’t turn out quite as well as planned. This is one of those times. The Red Gate completed with the fiery comb of our feisty little Rooster. So I repainted it, leaving out the slash of sunlight behind the Maximilian Sunflowers. Now the Sunflowers, Sarza, Trumpet Vine, Hollyhocks and Chili Ristra appear more vibrant with the Blue Gate. Plus…the painting has much more depth. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Hugs,

M Senkarik


8 Responses to “Tapestry of Fall”

  1. Barbara Douglas Says:

    Red door or blue door…hmmmm! Love them both. I love red doors! The red is more edgy, but the blue gives a place to rest, it makes it peaceful although it still has lots of lovely red, so it works very well.

  2. Kim Says:

    Yes. I agree cooler and more soothing. Good choices for this one.

  3. Terri Legg Says:

    The door, window and asters make a nice triangle of cool blue within all of that spicy color and you’re right about it making the rooster’s tail pop more. Makes me long for fall, especially since it is over 100 degrees here on the Gulf Coast.

  4. Terri Legg Says:

    It is fun to see the difference the door color and sunlight pattern make on your painting. Thanks for pointing it out and showing us both.

  5. bonita austin Says:

    Love this one.

  6. Mandy Says:

    Dearest Mikki, there are no words to describe how beautiful your paintings are, they fill ones heart with love and happiness! I enjoy each and every single step in you emails! You have incredible talent! This last painting where you changed the door from Red to Blue is stunning! The red door was beautiful and gave the painting a lot of warmth and the blue door changed the painting to a ‘cool’ atmosphere. I personally preferred the red door! Must be because I’m from Sunny South Africa!! Thank you for sharing your step by step guide to your art! Hugs!

  7. Janet Zeh Says:

    Nice call, Mikki. It’s stunning!

  8. Annette Says:

    The feathers in the bird stand out so different with the blue door. Great eye, great choice and great change. I hope one day to be 1/4 the artist/painter you are.

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