2015 Collector Event Sneak Preview


My 25TH Annual Collector Event in Santa Fe is Friday and Saturday, September 4th and 5th. Can you believe I’ve been exhibiting my art in Santa Fe for a quarter of a century? I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with LOTS OF FLOWERS. Here is a Sneak Preview of my silver anniversary one artist show. If any of these Original Oil Paintings grab your heart and beckon to be added to your collection just call Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery at 505.988.5545. They will cheerfully provide assistance. If a painting you’ve fallen in love with has already been spoken for I will be happy to do a commission based on that piece for you.

Please keep in mind as you go through the catalog you can click on the images to see the paintings larger.

SH3715 Dancing in the Wind 14x24Dancing in the Wind

14″ x 24″   image continues on sides of gallery wrap canvas   $890

The sun washed towers of San Gimagnano rise majestically over a field of golden Sunflowers in Tuscany.

SG3115 Cascade of Silver Lace 38x48Cascade of Silver Lace

38″ x 48″   Framed in Senkarik Signature Frame   $5,900

Wouldn’t you love to wake up in the morning and walk out into this courtyard? Sit on the little bench under St. Francis and enjoy the music of the fountain as you sip your coffee! Can’t you just hear the chirping of the birds as they perch on the Silver Lace cascading over the adobe walls? What a great beginning to the day!

SD3514 Invitation to Linger Awhile 24x30Invitation to Linger Awhile

       24″ x 30″   Framed in Senkarik Signature Frame   $1,900

We discovered this cute heart bench in our travels. It looks so fresh and welcoming next to the red door, issuing an Invitation to Linger Awhile!

SH6614 Take Home a Bunch 30x36Take Home a Bunch

30″ x 36″   Framed in Senkarik Signature Frame   $2,900

Don’t you love flower shops? I certainly do, especially this one with the sassy striped awning and bicycle baskets filled with fresh blossoms. As Jack can attest I never miss an opportunity to stop and Take Home a Bunch!

Fragrant Retreat 

24″ x 30″   Framed in Senkarik Signature Frame   SOLD

Working on this painting brought wonderful memories of Santa Fe with the rounded adobe, Chili Peppers, Salvia and Sunflowers. I could almost smell the scent of Lilacs as I worked on this piece. Wouldn’t you love to escape to this Fragrant Retreat?

SG3315 Tapestry of Fall 30x40Tapestry of Fall

30″ x 40″   Framed in Senkarik Signature Frame   SOLD

Summer is almost over. Maxmillian Sunflowers, Purple Asters, Sarza, Pumpkins and Indian Corn all let us know fall is in the air! Take a moment and listen carefully. Can’t you hear the quiet Cluck, Cluck of our little hen picking seeds from between the cobblestones? You can click on the image to see her better.

SD1615 Spring Finery 14x24Spring Finery

14″ x 24″   painted on sides of gallery wrap canvas   SOLD

Bluebonnets, Red Barns and Windmills. What’s better than spring in Texas?

SH4015 Crimson Profusion 14x24Crimson Profusion

14″ x 24″   painted on sides of gallery wrap canvas   $890

As gardeners we have to plan our landscaping color schemes around the flowering times of plants. BUT….the joy of being an artist is we can make flowers bloom whenever we’d like. In Provence, along the Cote d’Azur, Lavender usually flowers in July and August, about 2 months after Poppies. However; I can make them all bloom at the same time in Crimson Profusion. To watch the step by step painting process CLICK HERE

SF2915-SF3515 Serene Embrace-Colorful ExuberanceColorful Exuberance                        Serene Embrace

These two pieces in this delightful entry garden are designed to hang as a pair or individually. Make sure to check out the Hummingbird flittering next to the Horse Head Bench in  Serene Embrace. You can click on the image to view it larger. Each piece in the pair is 14″ x 14″ on a gallery wrap canvas with the painted image extending on to the sides. The special price for our collector event is $590 each.


Since it’s my 25th year in Santa Fe we came up with a painting size just for the occasion. The following four paintings are 14 inches tall by 11 inches wide. That adds up to 25! These pieces are painted to the edge and around the sides on gallery wrap canvas. Each is priced especially for our Collector Event at $490. Remember, I can paint a commission for you if one of the SOLD pieces has stolen your heart! Just contact the Gallery at 505.988.5545.

SH3615 Santa's Helper 14x11Santa’s Helper

Santa’s Helper is our own sweet rescue kitty, Sissie. She loves to sleep in the Santa Basket that was brought, filled with citrus, by a friend. Sissie immediately adopted the basket and I got a lucky shot of her peeking up over the side! Adding the Santa hat and presents makes her the purr-fect Christmas kitty.

SH3815 Planting Time 14x11Planting Time

A gardener’s Potting Bench, what a happy place. But our planting today may just have to wait a bit. Looks like Mrs. Wren is feeding some little ones in the birdhouse!

SH3915 Flamboyant Welcome 14x11Flamboyant Welcome        SOLD

California Poppies, Pansies, Morning Glories and Hollyhocks, combined with a turquoise chair and red gate, provide a Flamboyant Welcome to visitors.

SH4115 Rooster Cogburn 14x11Rooster Cogburn

This fella is full of attitude. Reminds us of John Wayne in one of our all-time favorite movies, Rooster Cogburn.

And now for our AUCTION!

Don’t be sad, even if you can’t come to our party you can still join in the fun and bid.

SH3415 Floral Celebration 17x17Floral Celebration       SOLD

This is the “Poster” painting for my 25th Annual Collector Event; it’s the garden we see from our kitchen window. The pair of Cardinals are every day visitors to our bird feeders. Mr. Chippers loves to sit on Swanee’s curved neck and keep watch as Mrs. Chippers eats. AND…as a special surprise we are going to auction Floral Celebration with a starting bid of 25 Cents. That’s right, a QUARTER. A penny for every year I’ve exhibited in Santa Fe!

SH3415 Floral Celebration sides bottom and left

Floral Celebration is 17″ x 17″, painted to the edge with the image extending on to the sides of the gallery wrapped canvas. This painting would normally retail in the gallery at $890. The auction is Saturday, September 5, at approximately 5 PM Mountain Time and we’ll be accepting phone bids. But, you must register to bid over the phone. Come join in the FUN from the comfort of your home! If you would like to participate in our auction call the Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery at 505.988.5545 to get on the bidding list and take part in all the festivity.

Thank you for taking the time to view the catalog of my paintings for my25th Anniversary Collector Event. We hope you will come to Santa Fe and take part in the festivities. The Event is Friday, September 4 and Saturday, September 5. A special Preview Reception will be Friday evening. The Official RSVP Collector Gala begins at 4 PM on Saturday.

The Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery is located at 217 Galisteo Street. If you would like to RSVP, add any of these pieces to your collection or want to participate by phone in the auction please call 505.988.5545.


M Senkarik

5 Responses to “2015 Collector Event Sneak Preview”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    They’re all great. Good luck and congrats on 25 years of showing
    your work.

  2. Sheryl Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! I know you’ll do great!! Congratulations to you on 25 years of beautiful creations! Thank you for sharing with us! Have fun!

  3. Connie O Says:

    What a wonderful treat! Thank you for the preview! Congrats on so many successful years in Santa Fe!

  4. Kuya Khimm Says:

    Hi Mikki,
    Im getting a hard time for doing the eye of the rooster can you tell me please how to do it?Is it the yellow first and then the black paint?
    Thanks in advance


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