The Same but Different….

Before we begin today I just wanted to let you know Jack’s latest article has been published on FineArtStudioOnline. CLICK HERE to read LONELY.

LO The Glory Never Fades 7-145 step 1

OK, let’s get started on the second of the two embellished giclees of The Glory Never Fades. This version is cropped differently, giving us a closer view of the barn. Beginning with the water I change the falls a little bit. Painting a water fall is similar to painting steps, the upright plane of the falling water is darker than the flat pool above. The edge where the water flows over the rocks is the highlighted. To see this better just click on the picture to enlarge the image.

LO The Glory Never Fades 7-145 step 2

Since Judy and her husband are Texas A and M fans I make the Coreopsis in the left foreground Yellow. Texas Orange would definitely NOT be appropriate for them. For those of you not living in Texas, the A and M Aggies and Texas Longhorns are long time rivals.


One specific request was to add some Maroon flowers in the foreground. You guessed it, Maroon is for Aggies! We took pictures of these Prickley Poppies near our old home a few years ago, they will be perfect.

VIDEO! Painting the Aggie flowers in the foreground.

LO The Glory Never Fades 7-145 step 3

We’re including a windmill in this version but I place it closer to the front of the barn so the two pieces won’t be the same. My wrist is braced against my mahl stick to keep my hand steady as I paint the details of the blades.

LO The Glory Never Fades 7-145 step 4

The old, rusty tin roof of the barn is repainted, removing the Texas flag.

LO The Glory Never Fades 7-145 step 5

Now for the fun part, adding the Texas A and M logo on the roof. The lettering is drawn into the roof while the paint is still wet. By pulling the maroon logo into the white paint it becomes faded, making it appear weathered.

LO The Glory Never Fades 7-145 24x36

And here we have it, the Aggie version of The Glory Never Fades!

LO The Glory Never Fades 6-145 and 7-145#6/145                                            #7/145

Now you can see the two giclees are the same, but different. This really explains the term “Limited Original” that Jack coined for us several years ago. The two pieces are part of the same edition, but the embellishing makes each one original in its own right. Thus “LIMITED ORIGINALS”. Hugs,

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3 Responses to “The Same but Different….”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Beautiful as always! Thanks for sharing your painting process. Can you recommend where to have a giclee printed? Thank you.

  2. Judy Hardy Says:

    Mikki ,
    Oh how wonderful!!!! Thank-you so much !!!
    Hugs , Judy

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