Couleur du Jour – Bleu Turquoise


SJ4615 step 20

Now the background is finished I can complete the window. Heidi loves Turquoise so I’ve pulled out a special color just for their painting, Phthalo Turquoise Blue. Or in French, Bleu Turquoise Phtalo! The Rembrandt Oil Color is manufactured in Holland. It’s perfect for the window, shutters and door.

SJ4615 step 21

The vine cascading over the courtyard wall is washed in with Sap Green + Liquin. This makes a translucent base for the foliage and will give the feeling of depth in the vines. I’ll come back and paint opaque leaves, as well as flowers, when the wash is dry.

SJ4615 step 22

After blocking in the courtyard wall I paint the shutters. These are the same color as the window, Phthalo Turquoise Blue. I’ve made two shades by varying the amount of White mixed in. My left hand is braced against the unpainted portion of the canvas to steady my right hand as I draw the lines of the individual boards. Remember, you can enlarge any of the images by clicking on the picture.

SJ4615 step 23

My collector decided that the figure took away from the Mission in the distance. Heidi said if she were visiting this wonderful courtyard in real life she would ask the lady on the steps to move so she could take a picture. She wants to be able to “Walk” up the steps and through the painting, not have someone else already there. She’d like sit on the steps herself and enjoy the view!

Many people have asked why I don’t include figures in my gallery paintings. This is exactly why. Jack came up with a wonderful term that explains the feeling……I want my paintings to have “Wanderability”. The viewer can mentally move through the piece; exploring every nook and cranny while taking in all the details.

SJ4615 step 24

So…….say goodbye to the flower girl!

VIDEO. Painting the Turquoise door with mixes of Phthalo Turquoise Blue + White.

VIDEO. Adding the wrought iron door handle. I use MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) with a little Liquin mixed in. The highlights are made with White + a touch of Ultramarine Blue.

SJ4615 step 25

A terra cotta container, filled with Geraniums, will soften the sharp corner formed by the building and steps. Notice how your eye moves more easily through the painting, drawn to the Carmel Mission in the distance. That’s all for today, hope you’ll come back to visit our studio soon! Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

3 Responses to “Couleur du Jour – Bleu Turquoise”

  1. Ray Dane Says:

    I liked the first lady in the picture, but I liked the second lady even more. It was a bit sad to see her go. However, a large pot of beautiful flowers will quickly erase the sadness.

  2. Peggy Says:

    Like it better without or barefoot. no shoes, it takes away.

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