A Bit of Winter

SK4715 Silent Sentry Step 1

Today we’re switching back to my commission of the four seasons paintings. Here’s the sketch for the Winter piece. Roxie the dalmatian, who is now in puppy heaven, holds a special place in Jeana’s heart. She wanted to include her as well as birch trees and an owl. I thought the snowman would be fun! You can click on the picture if you would like to see it larger.

SK4715 Silent Sentry Step 2

I begin sketching the architecture with a brush dipped in a thin oil wash of Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson + Liquin. Even though the base of the planter, door and building will be covered with snow I have to establish the ground lines. This enables me to make certain all of the proportions are correct.

SK4715 Silent Sentry Step 3

After drawing the birch trees I add the wise little owl perched on the snow covered branch.

SK4715 Silent Sentry Step 4

Now the basic shape of Roxie, sitting by the cheery snowman, is indicated.

SK4715 Silent Sentry Step 5

The initial oil wash on the canvas is finished, we’ll start applying paint in the next session. In the meantime I’d like to share a great question one of our readers asked:

Can you please advise from your experience how you save paints after your painting for the day is done. I mean when adding liquin or another fast-dry medium the paints left over become sticky and almost dry so are not usable the next day.

Here is my answer…..

Paint dab on knife

First I pick up the leftover paint on the tip of my painting knife.

Paint in cup 1

The dab is then pushed against the side of a large plastic cup. All of the paint I want to save is placed in a ring around the inside. The one shown is a large container that yogurt comes in. You can also use styrofoam cups.

Paint in cup 2

The cup is then filled with water, making sure the dabs of paint are completely covered. This will help your paint to stay usable a little longer. The paint you mixed liquin in will probably last another day or two. Regular oils without any fast drying medium will remain workable for about a week.

Thought this might be a useful little painting tip for everyone! Hugs,

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3 Responses to “A Bit of Winter”

  1. Paul Baudry Says:

    I would like to comment on saving the left over paint. I use the Mijello Artelier Peel-off Palette and it is wonderful on saving left over paint. I paint with acrylics (so far) and my left over paint stays for days without hardening. I have read reviews of people using it for oils and they say it will last for weeks. It is a covered gasket sealed type pallet and I highly recommend it.

  2. Dominique Gaillard Says:

    Hello everyone
    I place my palette in the freezer after reorganizing and covering my oil paint leftovers with seran wrap. Use 2 or even 3 layers, or slip the whole package in a plastic bag before placing it in the freezer. And no it wont contaminate your food.
    For larger amounts of paint I put it in a plastic container (yogurt, cheap tupperware, etc), optional: you can put a layer of plastic or seran wrap on the paint, then close the lid and keep in freezer for weeks, months even. The key in preserving paint is that no air comes in contact with it. For large amounts you can even retube it.
    Yours artistically

  3. Suzen Phoenix Says:

    I am so moved by your generosity of spirit and talent.  Thank you Suzen Phoenix”Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” E. B. White

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