2015-4-25 Fountain courtyard from ramp 2

Jack and I love feeding and watching the birds that visit our garden. We regularly have Finches, Blue Jays, Mockingbirds and our Cardinals, Mr. and Mrs. Chippers. As winter approaches we’ll soon start seeing brilliant yellow Gold Finches. The feeder in our fountain courtyard has a weight sensitive perch so doves and squirrels can’t devour all of the seed. They are limited to what drops on the ground. An ideal situation for our feathered friends. You can click on the picture if you’d like to see the image of our fountain courtyard larger.

But that Mr. Squirrel is cagey, he figured out how to steal seed from our smaller feeder in the kitchen garden. So we put our thinking caps on and came up with an idea to make a baffle out of a clear Tomato Juice bottle. This should work, watch the VIDEO to find out.

Drat! That little toot got to the seed. Jack said I think if you could find a way to anchor the lower edge of the bottle to the cross bar of the feeder he couldn’t get down on it. So I cut slits on either side of the bottom and slipped them over the cross bar. The baffle won’t move, PROBLEM SOLVED. You can see in the VIDEO.

We fixed that little fella. Until I walked into the kitchen and looked out the window……….

GRRRRRRRRRRRR! Jack said, “This is WAR!” Then he went on eBay and found our solution.

Squirrel Wars 4

A large, flat baffle. I wish I could have seen the first time Mr. Squirrel tried to get on the feeder. Must have been a hoot! All I know is he no longer steals all the seed out of our feeder. He politely stays on the ground and eats all that dropped by the birds. But I do have to admit, I miss his acrobatic antics. And that’s the news from Jack and Mikki’s garden. Hugs,

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7 Responses to “SQUIRREL WARS”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    It’s lovely and looking pretty good to me up in Maine now – cold and NO flowers (or leaves or anything).

  2. Janet Zeh Says:

    Thank you for the chuckles. Your squirrel is quite the entertainment! šŸ™‚

  3. Charlene Says:

    Awwww…poor little feller. Give him his own dish of seed and treats! šŸ™‚

  4. Peggy Says:

    mikki, You are so gifted in landscaping!
    Thankful for the art I have of Jack’s.
    We enjoy it so much!

  5. Fran Downs Says:

    I could have guessed you would have such a beautiful courtyard. So peaceful and inviting. With regard to these cagey little varmints, just wanted to share this…


  6. Carol Says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful art and the squirrel antics! I’m still grinning in amusement.

  7. Ray Dane Says:

    Your garden is beautiful, and your squirrel has the tenacity of a bulldog. I like your solution and plan to use it myself. Thanks!

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