Splish Splash

SA0216 Step 34

Let’s get to laying saltillo tile. The entire surface of the courtyard floor is painted, establishing the light and shadow pattern. The distant level, outside the gate, is made bluer so it will recede. I also add some brush strokes of Ultramarine Blue + White at the back edge of both the front courtyard and the shadow across the foreground for the same reason.

SA0216 Step 35

Next the perspective lines are drawn freehand into the wet paint of the floor. I can’t use the mahl stick here, it would limit the movement of my hand and make it difficult to pull a straight line. You can see this better if you enlarge the image, just CLICK on the picture.

SA0216 Step 36

The painting is laid flat on the taboret to paint the bottom edge of the gallery wrap canvas. The perspective lines are continued over the side. Having the wet painting attached to cardboard makes it MUCH easier to move. I can handle it by holding the cardboard and avoid getting any paint on my hands.

SA0216 Step 37

After the perspective lines are drawn the horizontal ones separating the tiles are delineated. The edge of the individual pavers where they are illuminated by the sun are highlighted.

SA0216 Step 38

The turquoise containers on the outer terrace are filled with California Poppies. Following my usual sequence of Flowers First, Leaves Last I begin with the blossoms.

SA0216 Step 39

California Poppies also reside in the pots directly behind the fountain. The blooms have been blocked in already, now I’m painting the leaves. I use my Bright brush dipped in various greens to work around the Oranges and Reds, shaping the blossoms.

SA0216 Step 41

The fountain is painted with several mixtures of Viridian Green + Cadmium Orange + MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + White. The edge of the shadow side of the bowls is lined with Ultramarine Blue + White. This helps to give the appearance of roundness.

SA0216 Step 42

The splish, splashing water is dragged, straight down, over the edge and on top of the flowers in back of the fountain. I let the brush skip and dance over the bumpy, textured paint of the blooms to give the feeling of flowing water. Can’t you just hear the happy music it makes? BIG HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG




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