A Rainbow of Buildings

SE1416 Step 21

We’ll start today with the closest bluffs. Warmer colors are used so these will come forward from the cooler mountains in the distance.

SE1416 Step 22

One of the neatest things about Cinque Terre is the vineyards terraced down the slopes of the mountains. The broad edge of my large Bright (Square) brush is used to indicate the flat surfaces.

SE1416 Step 23

Boats safely nestle in Vernazza’s harbor. My left hand is braced against the unpainted part of the canvas to steady my right hand, making it easier to delineate the fine details of the water craft.

SE1416 Step 24

The ancient rock walls of the castle balance on top of the rocky cliffs. I can only imagine how difficult it was to build the battlements without any modern construction equipment or cranes.

SE1416 Step 26

Several different hues are mixed for the colorful buildings in the village. #1. MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin. #2. Alizarin Crimson + MUD + White. #3. Pthalo Blue + a little of mix #2 + White. #4. MUD + Cadmium Orange + a tiny bit of Pthalo Blue + White. #5. Two shades of Cadmium Yellow Medium + MUD + White. #6. Ultramarine Blue + White. #7. A couple of variations of Cadmium Orange + Ultramarine Blue + White.

SE1416 Step 27

The colors are randomly placed with broad, vertical brush strokes over the entire area of the hilltop village.

SE1416 Step 28

I come back and begin indicating the sloping roof tops. Isn’t it amazing how the cascade of buildings begins to emerge from the mishmash of color? You can click on the image to see it larger.

SE1416 Step 29

Details of stairs, doors, windows and shutters are now added.

SE1416 Step 30

The rainbow of buildings looks pretty bright at this point. But the colors are actually very muted. They will drop back when the intense, vibrant flowers are planted in the containers on the foreground terrace. Keep watching my blog and you’ll see! Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


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