Personalized Details

SF1516 Step 15

One of the most fun things about doing collaborations is adding my client’s special, personal details to the pieces. Jim asked me to work his and Donita’s initials into the backs of the wrought iron chairs. So I jotted a few ideas down in my sketchbook and came up with a design I like.

SF1516 Step 16

The background is still wet, making it easy to draw the “D” initial with a brush dipped in a mix of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin.

SF1516 Step 17

Now for the “J”!

SF1516 Step 18

A celebratory bottle of wine and two glasses sit on the bistro table. The bottle is painted with mixes of Sap Green + Liquin, the highlight is made of Sap Green + White. Alizarin Crimson is washed across the lower portion of the bottle to give the impression of wine inside.

SF1516 Step 19

As a little extra I’m adding a tile emblazoned with the number of years our collectors have been married.

SF1516 Step 20

It’s a treat planning all the touches that make this piece exclusive for our collectors. Thank you for joining in the fun today! I really appreciate your questions and comments. HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

3 Responses to “Personalized Details”

  1. Paintbrush1984 Says:

    Hi Mikki! Have been following your new piece, very pretty! Your door handles look so real! Wish I could get better at painting details. Thanks for the info on brushes. I got the types you mentioned and now my work is more neat and within the lines. I have better control and do not have to redo things.


  2. James Garcia Says:

    Mikki, just when I thought this painting couldn’t be any more perfect you add those special touches like the 20 as the address commemorating our 20th anniversary. I love the stylized lettering of our initials on the chairs. I know Donita will love this. As amazing as this painting is becoming, having you chronicle its creation is priceless.

    Thank you.

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