Fiery Red

SG1916 Step 13

The dark arch of the doorway accentuates the sunlit Tuscan hillside beyond. All of the wall colors are mixed with different proportions of Ultramarine Blue + Cadmium Orange + MUD + White. The front edge of the thick jamb is darker than the most distant edge which is made bluer so it will recede.

SG1916 Step 14

Sun filters down through the Wisteria. Since I’ll be painting the rambling, purple vine later I have to envision ahead how the shadows will stream across the wall and door.

SG1916 Step 15

The shadow of our door is made of Cadmium Red Deep + Alizarin Crimson, the sunny portion is pure Cadmium Red Light. Don’t forget, you can click on any of the pictures to see them larger 🙂

SG1916 Step 16

The edges of the individual planks of the door are drawn into the wet paint with a fine liner brush. My wrist is braced against my mahl stick to steady my hand. AND….what is a mahl stick? Just CLICK HERE to find out.

SG1916 Step 17

Fiery Red is the Chinese color of luck and happiness. And the combination of a red door and yellow Sunflowers is especially full of smiles. I love the way Jack said, “It brings joy to the soul”. What do you think? Have a wonderful day. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

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