Wispy Wisteria and Italian Tile

SG1916 Step 18

Wisteria is one of my favorite vines. Seems my collectors like it too, much to my delight I get to paint it quite often. Here are my color recipes……..#1. Four shades of Dioxazine Purple + White. Sometimes I have to pull out some special paint colors, Dioxazine Purple is one of them. It’s a clean, crisp purple that I’m unable to achieve by mixing with our Double Primary Palette. #2. A trio of combinations of Dioxazine Purple + Ultramarine Blue + White. #3. Mixes of Pthalo Blue + Lemon Yellow + Cadmium Yellow Medium.

SG1916 Step 19

First the blossoms are blocked in with a large Bright (square) brush. To see this better, just click on the picture to enlarge the image.

SG1916 Step 20

Then I paint the foliage around the masses of purple. The greens are used to help shape the long, dangling flowers.

SG1916 Step 21

The last steps are to highlight the leaves and individual petals of the wispy blooms.

SG1916 Step 23

Wisteria……done! Now let’s move to the Italian tile floor. The entire surface is first covered, establishing the light and shadow pattern. Strokes of Ultramarine Blue + White are added toward the back to indicate the reflection of the sky on the wet floor. A summer shower has just passed through! These blues also make the tiles in the distance recede.

SG1916 Step 24

Perspective lines are drawn into the wet paint of the floor. This is done freehand. I can’t use the mahl stick here. It would limit the movement of my hand, keeping me from making the lines straight.

SG1916 Step 25

Next the horizontal lines separating the individual tiles are delineated.

SG1916 Step 26

Sunlight streaming across the floor makes the edges of the wet tiles sparkle, so we’ll highlight them. Some of you have asked about the blue tape. It’s 2 inch painter’s tape we get at Home Depot. I use it to cover and protect my White Senkarik Signature Frame. When the painting is finished I’ll peel the tape off and SHAZAAM! A clean, white frame appears!

SG1916 Step 27

The painting is really starting to come together. We’ll be planting in our next session. Why don’t you grab some gardening tools and you can come help!

SG1916 Step 28

I’m frequently asked what my palette looks like at the end of the day. Well, here you go. LOTS of color laid out on the glass. But I can’t leave it like this….

SG1916 Step 29

I want to start the next day with a clean surface. So I save the paint, lining up the colors on the left side of the palette. That way if I need to go back and work on any area I don’t have to remix any paint. I can just pull some from the little dabs. The blobs of oil paint will be usable for several days, long enough for me to finish the piece on the easel. The mixing area of the palette is then cleaned with a paint scraper.

I have a special request, Jack and I need your prayers. He’s in the hospital. Since he had a stroke 2 years ago he’s been on blood thinners. They’ve gone a little wacky and he’s had some internal bleeding. His doctors are working to find the source. Hopefully they’ll have this resolved soon and Jack will be back home again. He’s champing at the bit to get back to working on his latest book about Thomas Jefferson. We trust our doctors and know God has us wrapped in his arms. Jack and I are so blessed, we have the best readers and collectors in the world. Thanks to all of you. BIG  TEXAS HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG






11 Responses to “Wispy Wisteria and Italian Tile”

  1. Debalina Sarkar Says:

    Best wishes for his speedy recovery

    Thanks Debalina

  2. Denise Sanderson-Reel Says:

    Many prayers sent up for a full recovery for Jack! And for you as well as I know you must be very worried. Hugs to you both. ❤️
    The painting is beautiful!

  3. Tami Baron Says:

    Sending lots of love and prayers for you and Jack. Thank you so much for your painting instruction and inspiration.

  4. Patti L Lynch Says:

    You are such a blessing with your wonderful paintings and instruction. Praying for speedy and complete healing for Jack. For peace in your hearts during this difficult time.

  5. Janet Zeh Says:

    Sending up prayers for Jack and you Mikki. I hope all will turn out well and that he’ll be back to writing soon. Take care of yourself too.

  6. susanajardine Says:

    Sending prayers for you and Jack’s speedy recovery. Hope he will be stabilized and home soon so he can get back to writing. Best to you both and your fur kids.

  7. Alison Duke Says:

    May God Bless you both Greatly and Jesus healing hand be upon Jack . May his doctors be led to find the leaking. In Jesus name Amen. xo

  8. Barb and the Gs Says:

    Saying a prayer for Jack. ♥

  9. Shirley Says:

    Prayers being offered for Jack and you in this situation and throughout recovery.

  10. Ed Mac Says:

    Will do. Love you guys!

  11. lizmcqueensart Says:

    Jack has been such a motivation in my life – even at this distance.
    We pray that he is in good hands and that he will be his old self very soon. Thank you for sharing.

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