We Have a Date…….



On Friday, September 9 at 1 PM we will honor Jack White. Master Artist, Author, Teacher, Coach, Mentor and Friend to so many. Only God knows how many lives he has touched. The Celebration of Jack’s Life will be at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, located at 6914 Wurzbach Road in San Antonio. If you have any questions you may email me at Senkarik@Senkarik.com


I hope you can come share in our love for Jack and celebrate the beginning of his new life in Heaven with Our Lord. We will see you again one day, my dear friend.

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12 Responses to “We Have a Date…….”

  1. Corie White Says:

    What a beautiful tribute it will be for Jack. I have some emails from him that I will keep and look at to remember his kindness and encouragement.

  2. Tatiana Myers Says:

    I’m sorry I never get to meet Jack, but I have feeling I knew You both. He will be remembered by many. I wish I could be there in September, but we are just too far.

  3. Prasoon Says:

    Hello Mikki,

    I never had the good fortune of meeting Jack in person. Even so, he profoundly impacted me. I have read his books, and though they were on the subject of Art, through his words his kind heart and depth of character shown through, always.

    What amazing wisdom was hidden within that mind. What amazing integrity he had. His steadfast refusal to profit off of customers who circumvented a gallery to directly buy from him, impressed me. That he would find the gallery that the customer first heard of his (or your) art, and then share the profit with the gallery, instead of pocketing the money offered by the customer…that spoke volumes of the rare kind of a fabric he was made of.

    I have to be honest, I was tempted to write to him on several occasions, but ultimately never did, only because I felt so small in comparison, given his amazing moral values and strength of character. Today I wish, I had.

    That he could walk into a gallery, with no artistic experience whatsoever, when well into his thirties, with a wife and kids at home, only to return home and declare to his wife that he had lost his job, but he would henceforth earn his living selling his artwork (never mind that he first would have to teach himself how to paint!)…is mind boggling to say the least. That kind of self confidence must border on insanity for most people, but for Jack White such a challenge is just what brings out their renowned perseverance and determination.

    I cannot think of many (rather any) successful artist who would so freely share his wisdom, skills, and tricks about colors, making quality art, and about methods to market them. And share them with absolute strangers. And then again, share them with absolute strangers, without charging a dime.

    Even though our paths never crossed, I still consider it a privilege to have coexisted on planet earth with Jack White.

    Sad as I am at this loss, I think the best tribute we can offer him is by being upbeat, positive, and happy…just as he was, and just as he would have wanted us to be.

    Thank you Jack for being such an inspiring friend, an amazing philosopher and a selfless guide.


    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      This is a wonderful tribute to “Our Jack”. I plan to use it at his Celebration of Life. Thank you for taking the time to pour your heart out. Your words sum up the essence of this man we’ve all be so blessed to cross paths with. With love and appreciation, Mikki

  4. Bill Gavin Says:

    I have followed Jack and You and have his books which will be reread often. Thank you for your unselfishness help for artist and your sharing of your art and your life. You are loved.

  5. nobulltipping Says:

    Mikki, I am heartbroken that we won’t be able to make the “Celebration of Jack’s Life” on 9/9. We were already committed to being in Arizona that week. Regardless, we will pause and pray along with you that day, that hour, as if we were right there with you and all his beloved friends and family. At the appropriate time, Cindy and I would very much love having the opportunity to come visit you. If that proves to be too much, we understand. Just because Jack is in heaven doesn’t mean you’ve been abandoned by us. It was, after all, you whom I came to see at the Marcus Gallery in Santa Fe. So we thought. Jack was not only a bonus that day, but really an angel sent from heaven to comfort and put a smile on all our faces. He enriched our lives in so many loving ways, yet forceful with grace when he needed to. God bless you Mikki Senkarik. We love you and will always pray for you. -Sooner Ed

    Sent from Ed’s iPhone 214-240-9241


  6. lizmcqueensart Says:

    Dear Mikki I will diarise this and even thought we are thousands of miles apart, will make sure that I put aside that time for thinking about you and the way he touched my life. A true mentor. Love Liz

  7. Karen Lucas Davis Says:

    Mikki, my prayers for your comfort during this difficult time in your life. I have so appreciated the advise and coaching that Jack has provided for so many.
    You are an inspiration to me with your discipline and talent.
    I am going to start cancer surgery on Aug. 1 and a slow road to recovery, so I will reread his information while I am healing.
    I will have some time to re evaluate my life and goals.
    Hugs and prayers to a fellow artist that I feel a kinship with.

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Karen, I will keep you close in my heart and prayers during your surgery and recovery. Both Jack and I are cancer survivors. We’ve always believed it takes a three-legged approach to conquer cancer: Lots of Prayer, A good medical team and a positive attitude. Sounds like you’ve got them all. With Love, Mikki

  8. Leland Maples Says:

    I don’t think we will be able to make it because of a commitment Thursday night. Jack White lived enough lives for 10 men and he filled every minute of them. I’ve had the privilege of being friends for 60 years. There will never be another like him…I don’t know whether to regret it or praise God!

  9. Ivan Kelly Says:

    I did not have the privilege of meeting Jack,( although my wife and her mother did visit at your Carefree ? home in 05) but did briefly speak on the phone in 2000 after he kindly sent me a free copy of his first book.
    I still have the hastily scribbled notes of advice that he gave me. I believe most of us have no knowledge of the depth of his generosity.
    I always thought of him as being almost indestructible, but he was not one to air his struggles publicly. Instead his writing was always filled with his unique brand of optimism mixed with a needful hearty dose of ”quit whining and do what you must “.
    Saying I am sorry for your loss will hardly even begin to help you but I just wanted you to know that I value knowing something of your fine Jack these last 16 years.
    Ivan, Toledo, Oregon.

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