Wash In Continues…..

SG2016 Step 7

I try a little different approach on Max by covering the entire surface of his face with a light wash FIRST. Then I come back in and establish the darker areas. It’s easier to work the shadows into the wet wash than it was on the dry canvas like I did on Alex’s face.

SG2016 Step 8

I “Lift Out” the highlights on Max’s nose. This is done using a clean brush dipped in a little paint thinner. Dragged over the washed-in area the tip of the brush pulls the oil wash up, leaving the clean white surface of the canvas. You can see this better by enlarging the picture, just click on the image.

SG2016 Step 9

Bracing against the mahl stick stabilizes my hand as I define Max’s mouth.

SG2016 Step 10

I take the same approach on Ted, beginning by washing over his face with a lighter-value tone. Next the shadow areas are developed.

SG2016 Step 11

The mahl stick is pulled out again to steady my hand as I delineate Ted’s lively eyes.

SG2016 Step 12

Jennifer’s face is done in the same technique. Working wet-into-wet is easier for me. This is personal preference, some of you may like washing the shadows over a completely dry canvas.

SG2016 Step 13

Jennifer’s cross is “Lifted Out” of the shadow wash on her neck.

SG2016 Step 14

Our family is washed in and we’re ready to start applying paint in our next session. Thank you for following along today, hope you’ll come back soon. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


2 Responses to “Wash In Continues…..”

  1. Janet Zeh Says:

    This is coming out great, Mikki! I love the expressions on the faces. That’s a great idea to use wet-into-wet washes for blending the shadows on the faces.

  2. pierceclark Says:

    Looking good!!!

    Have a blessed day! Donna


    Sent from my iPhone


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