The Risdall Quartet

SG2016 Step 45

Today we’ll work on Jennifer! After blocking in the edges of her face and neck, I move to her thick hair. Working the strands into the wet paint of the face softens them and makes her hair appear more natural. The ends that fall over the dress are roughed in, I’ll finish them later.

SG2016 Step 46

Generally speaking, women’s skin tones are pinker than men’s. So I’ve mixed another batch of skin tones using the same recipes as before, just adding some Alizarin Crimson in each mixture. CLICK HERE if you’d like to go back to see the original mixes. Jennifer’s lips are also more red than those of her three boys.

SG2016 Step 47

A fine liner brush is used to delineate the details on the cross Jennifer wears around her neck. Notice again how the teeth are painted as a mass rather than individually. I’ve just lightly indicated the tops and bottoms of the crevices between them where they meet the lips. You can see this better if you will click on the image to make it larger.

SG2016 Step 48

Like Alex, Jennifer was born in the Year of the Horse. So….I thought a snaffle bit bracelet would add a nice equine touch for her.

SG2016 Step 49

I’ve pulled out a special color for the dress, Rembrandt Pthalo Turquoise Blue. It makes a wonderfully soft Turquoise that compliments Jennifer’s skin tones.

SG2016 Step 50

The hand she rests on Ted’s shoulder is now blocked in.

SG2016 Step 51

The last little detail, Ted’s birth date falls in the Year of the Rooster. So a tiny little one crows away on the handkerchief in his pocket.

SG2016 The Risdall Quartet 24x30The Risdall Quartet         24 inches x 30 inches

TA DA! Our family portrait is done. I feel so blessed to have had this piece to do right after Jack’s passing to Heaven. His specialty was portraits, I’ve sensed his presence in the studio as I’ve worked. I’m sure all the little thoughts that have darted through my mind about check this…….watch out for that……better compare this to the reference photo…… have been telegraphed from Jack. I think he’d be happy with how this turned out. Hope you’ll come visit our studio again soon, I’ve got several more commissions to do! Emails from all over the world continue to pour into our mailbox, your virtual hugs are so appreciated. Thank you! BIG HUGS back to every one,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

4 Responses to “The Risdall Quartet”

  1. Hilda Thurman Says:

    Love your paintings, descriptions and details. Love how you share from your heart about how you are doing and you’re including Jack into these precious, tender but difficult days. Praying for you, dear one.

  2. Kate Pearce Says:

    I have really enjoyed watching you complete this portrait commission. it’s so helpful to see your process and the colours you used.
    Thank you for carrying right on with your work, after the loss of your husband, friend and mentor, Jack.
    You are a source of inspiration and courage.

  3. Gonny Says:

    Before I miss the opportunity…. Mikki I love you! hugs Gonny

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