Some Happy Jack Pictures…

GGT w Jack White

I’ve been going through photos to pick ones for our Celebration of Jack’s Life on September 9. So I decided to share some of the pictures I’ve come across.  This is Jack with Grant Teaff in 1972. Grant had just been hired as the head football coach at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. He wanted to change the image for the team mascot and commissioned Jack to paint the new, proud Baylor Bear. Grant wanted, “An upright bear, head held high, a picture of controlled  ferociousness rather than the snarling, blood-dripping-from-the-mouth enigma” previously used. They immediately became close friends and Jack always considered Grant to be his brother. Grant and his wonderful wife Donell will be with us at the Celebration.


PROUD AUTHOR! Finally, the proof copy of Jack’s first historical novel, Ten Years in Texas, arrived. He’d been anxiously waiting like a kid at Christmas for UPS to bring it.  If you’d like to read his book about the ten years Texas was an independent republic before becoming a state you can order it on Amazon, Just CLICK HERE.

2005-3-10 Jack and the Rangers...

Jack with Texas Rangers Joaquin Jackson and Clete Buckaloo. Isn’t that a great name? They are standing behind Jack’s portrait of Joaquin, “The Peacemaker”. Just to give you a reference point Jack is 6’1”.

Dallas Jack Christi

Fun moments with granddaughters Dallas and Christie. Please remember, you can click on any of the pictures to see them larger.


We went to the VERY FIRST Dallas Cowboys game at their brand, new stadium. What a thrill for tru-blue Cowboys’ fans.

2016-8-7 Primary Colors - Snoopy Garden 2

As most of you know, Jack and I designed our garden. This corner is our “Secondary Color” garden, based on the color wheel. The primary colors are Red, Yellow and Blue. We got 2.5 inches of rain on July 27, the last few days our Texas Sage has burst out in the most gorgeous purple blossoms. Juxtaposed next to the Orange Pride of Barbados our plan for the Purple, Orange and Green color scheme is even prettier than I’d imagined. And I know Jack is smiling down from Heaven. I’ll be back at the easel in my next post, however I thought you would enjoy seeing a few pics of “Our Jack” today. Hugs,Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

19 Responses to “Some Happy Jack Pictures…”

  1. Savvy Says:

    Is this man your husband or your mentor in art? Missed that tidbit, I guess. Thanks for all the email instruction.

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Savvy, Jack was my everything….the Love of my Live, Soul Mate, Best Friend and Mentor. We made a wonderful team. He taught me to paint and engineered my art career. During our 26 years together the only times we spent apart were when he was in the hospital. He passed away on July 15 and requested no funeral. But we are having a Celebration of Jack’s Life on Friday September 9th at 1PM in San Antonio. You can go back a few blog posts and read more.
      Hugs, Mikki

  2. Andrea Holbrook Says:

    Wonderful to have all these pictures to remember Jack by. I love the Texas Ranger portrait. What a beautiful family too. Hugs.

  3. pierceclark Says:

    Thanks, Mikki!! 😘

    Have a blessed day! Donna

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. brendaforeman Says:

    Mikki, I read your post about Jack’s passing, and what you said about him being in heaven is just that.  I was in a car accident and died in the squad, I experienced what it is like to be ‘on the other side’ and he is whole, feels young and in absolutely without pain with love all around him.  Your love is the connection that allows him to give you impressions of being there with you.  I am thankful for the few emails Jack sent me along with his thoughts about my website and my artwork.  I cherish this, and appreciate that you share your process and paintings in the works, so we may learn from you. I just wanted you to know, Brenda

  5. Peggy Black Says:

    Thanks for sharing these!!! I have a good one of Jack presenting
    a painting to U.T.. !!

  6. twinjoyce Says:

    mikki, i am so glad you did this! i wish more people would show the good times! i am proud of you and don’t even know you. i have followed you for years. may you be blessed forever and you have a great angel watching over you – Jack!. take care, joyce dodd harcharik

  7. susanartart Says:

    these are wonderful photos. Truly wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. bonita austin Says:

    Great photos. He was a handsome Texan.

  9. Betty Pieper Says:

    Good for you, Mikki…finding a way through your grief and a thanks
    and celebration of the man you loved do much…

  10. sotxgrannie Says:

    Thank you for sharing the memories! Beautiful memories of a beautiful soul
    !!! 🙂

  11. Jo Ann Says:

    I enjoyed seeing a smiling Jack again. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  12. lizmcqueensart Says:

    Thank you for these lovely photos. I think that your garden with its complimentary colours is brilliant. It will always make you feel close to him as the garden goes on and on. Different plants bloom at different times and you just have to share that with him. Bless you.


    Thanks for sharing. Great pics! And memories!

    Rob Pitzer Pitzers Fine Arts

  14. Zenobia nln Says:

    What a wonderful Share! I still send you strong thoughts, I know you will miss him always!

  15. Nora Says:

    Thanks. This makes it so personal and moving. I have never met either of you, but your posts makes me feel as if I know you. May the Lord comfort you in your sorrow.

  16. lori landis art Says:

    Jack was an amazing man! Thanks for sharing Mikki! Peace be with you.

  17. Alison Duke Says:

    Thank you for sharing those Mikki, They are great photo’s and everything I have read from your website and Jacks writings and his couple of books I have bought. I have thoroughly enjoyed and his insights and laughter which comes through make them easier to read but also a real picture of the person writing. God Bless you for sharing your journey. Alison from South Australia.

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