Special Touches


Beginning a new commission today. The painting is going to be based on the piece above, “Steps Well Traveled”.

SH2116 Step 1

We’re adding several special touches. This reminds me of the mind twister puzzles we had in the newspaper when I was a kid; “Find the changes!” I can just hear Jack exclaim with exasperation, “Good Grief Mikki! Shame on you, you’re showing your age. Young people today don’t even know what a newspaper is, they get their news on their iphones!”

SH2116 Step 2

Using my sketch as a guide I start by “Constructing” the buildings. A brush dipped in a thin oil wash made of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin is used to draw on the canvas.

SH2116 Step 3

The shadow area underneath the portico is washed in so I can see the upright support posts.

SH2116 Step 4

Time worn steps leading up to the adobe structure in the background are now added. Please remember as you read through my blog, you can click on any of the pictures to see them larger.

SH2116 Step 5

The window areas are washed in with mixes of MUD + Liquin and Ultramarine Blue + Liquin. I keep the wash semi-transparent, this will give the impression of space behind the glass panes when the windows are complete.

SH2116 Step 6

After seeing the sketch Jeana asked if I would add a bench on the upper level between the Salvia and Coneflowers.

SH2116 Step 7

Chili Ristras are washed in with a mixture of Alizarin Crimson + Liquin.

SH2116 Step 8

Sketch on the canvas….. complete! We’ll start painting in our next session. Hope you’ll come follow along. If you would like to receive an email every time I publish a new post you can subscribe to my blog. CLICK THIS LINK and scroll to the upper right side of the page. You will see a heading EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS. Just enter your email address and click the button “Sign me up!”  It’s easy. And if you enjoy my blog please CLICK the FaceBook LIKE Button. As we say in Texas, “Much Obliged!

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG



6 Responses to “Special Touches”

  1. Theresa Says:

    Thank you for the generous sharing of your knowledge on your blog, I have learned a lot from you, a great help to me embarking on my art journey! I have been puzzling about something. Why do you always paint the alizarin crimson items first?

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      I usually wash in the smaller elements in the painting that are going to be red with Alizarin Crimson. I’ll come back later to finish out the chili ristras with thick, opaque oil paint. If I don’t get complete coverage with the opaque layer, the Alizarin Crimson wash prevents any white canvas from showing through. Thank you for your kind words. AND please, always feel free to ask questions. HAPPY PAINTING, Mikki

  2. Zenobia nln Says:

    I get such a feeling of peace this morning! Thank you!!

  3. Kay Rodriques Says:

    Hello! Why do you work with gloves? Is it simply a protective tool or is it so clean up will be easier? Tx!

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